Japanese Feast

Frank surprised the Gilmore Park Church Community Kitchen with a Japanese feast. We could not believe the amount of items that he brought to the kitchen. All in all, he brought in 5 boxes of stuff, including a rice cooker and a tea set. Frank must have spent at least two days to prepare for this feast.


There were plenty of cutting and slicing to be done. Fortunately, there were enough hands in the kitchen to get the job done.


Frank even wrote up the menu on the spot. Frank is so ambitious in planning a Japanese feast for us. Frank has such good hand writing despite that he told us he only had 42 hours of English lessons officially. Can you guess how old is Frank? This full of life and good spirit gentleman is 86 years old.


Frank started the Japanese Feast with Green Tea. He brought his own tea set for an authentic feel to Japanese meal.


Frank served the green tea with some peanut.


The peanut is coated with a layer of crusty dough. Peanut is always great with tea.


Heidi helping Frank serving the Green Tea while Frank looked on.


Frank served Sunomono which is a Japanese Salad as the appetizer. This tangy salad serves to open up one’s appetite.


This Sunomono has glass noodles which had been boiled and drained, thinly sliced radish and cucumber, artificial crab meat, 2 types of Japanese fish cakes and dried fish flakes. Frank simply served this Sunomono with a dash of sushi seasoning. This is a great appetizer.

Stay tuned for more of the Japanese feast tomorrow .

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  1. RobynT

    the sunomono looks so good! i need to buy some fishcake!

  2. twistedsunshine

    This is a great series! A Japanese Feast! 😀 I can’t wait to try them recipes 🙂

  3. vuvuvivi

    Hi there ^^
    Are those noodles in the sunomono? They look like konyaku to me though. The string-style-konyaku.

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