Anyone Care for Costco’s Ribeye Roast … $2,299.99?

Hey All:

Check this out. Costco is selling Japanese Wagyu Beef for a very special price … $2,299.99!!! You got to hurry before they are all sold out and do it early too to take advantage of their free shipping.

Let’s do some math here, shall we?

  • 15 lb is equivalent to 240 oz
  • 15 lb is equivalent to thirty 8 oz steak
  • So, an 8 oz piece works out to be $76.66 before tax.

Come to think of it, it is not that expensive after all. I am sure Costco is targeting this product to high-end restaurants. You know, Suanne and I might be willing to spend that kind of money ($76.66, not $2,299.99!) but the dilemma would be how to grill it to perfection. For that kind of money it better be perfect.

How many of you had tried Kobe or Wagyu Beef before? Care to share with us your experience … i.e. where, how much, was it worth the money, etc?


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  1. Andy and Kathy

    Yes Ben…I have tried Kobe Beef. If you come down to Portland, OR, there is this restaurant in NW call “Paley’s Place”. This restaurant/chef(Vitaly Paley) won the 2005 James Beard Award (Best Chef). For the Kobe beef, Kathy tried the “American Kobe Beef Steak Tartare” for appetizer. I tried their “American Kobe Beef Culotte” for their main entree. Its very very tender. Great restaurant and I highly recommend it. Here is their website:

  2. KimHo

    Hi Ben,

    I would pay but, just like you, that better be a heck of a meal! However, there is one issue that sort-of bugs me: Would my taste buds be able to differentiate between wagyu or a porter steak from a local steakhouse? Hmmmm….

    Andy and Kathy, there is a lot of discussion in the end about Wagyu vs. American Kobe beef so, despite the later might be tasty, just the fact issues have been raised will make me not consider them the same.

  3. ET

    Hey Ben, the way you do the sums, the cost almost seems reasonable! 😉

    Kim, I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to differentiate Wagyu from “regular” beef. Wagyu melts in your mouth, much like a piece of oh-toro or chu-toro melts in your mouth.

    Many restaurants now advertise that they have Kobe beef. Given the wholesale cost of Japanese Wagyu (which comes with a certificate of provenance btw), and the prices said restaurants are charging for them, there is no possible way their Kobe beef is Wagyu.

  4. KimHo

    Hey ET,

    Specially when they use “Kobe beef” for things like meatballs??? ^_^

    I hear ya; however, it is the expectations part. Too high and, if it is not as expected, then I will be scarred for life!

  5. eddie p

    I had Kobe beef three ways while in Kobe. I had it pan seared, shabu shabu, and as a katsu. It is unlike any beef I have had in the states. It does not even compare. There is so much marbling and flavor. I would not recommend buying the costco steak. But if you could get a single steak at a butcher, then try that first. It is never grilled and should be cooked quickly in a pan or eaten raw or as shabu shabu. I would recommend it at least once in your lifetime.

  6. Angela

    I’ve had Kobe beef in Kobe just seared and it is incredible. It gave me new meaning to the term “melts in your mouth.” I am salivating just thinking about it… I believe it was around $100-150US dollars for one a 1 lb steak. But I don’t exactly remember that part, only how it tastes 😉 haha.

  7. never eaten kobe beef 🙁 stil i have hear a lot about it. What you are talking about the price is never heard.

  8. Wils

    If you are coming south of the border, Haggens is a grocery chain selling Kobe beef new York steaks for $20/lb until Tuesday! Wife and I butterflied and pan fried one (about 1lb) and it is pretty tender stuff!

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