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ChowtimesNoWord32x32This post is written with sampling at MaxFrut. We are not paid for this post.

“Yes Virgina. Not only are there Gourmet Jerkies, there is such a thing as Gourmet Popsicle”


Anna of MaxFrut invited us to visit their premises to check out their cool new product … fruitcicles, not popsicles. We went right after the lunch we had at Kash Cool. It was just perfect … this will be dessert after the heavy lunch.


MaxFrut is located just around the corner from Kash Cool. They are located in an industrial area on 127 Garden Ave. This is where the MaxFrut Flavour Lab is … the birth place of the many uniquely cool flavours.

We were greeted by the lovely Anna who were so helpful with our many questions. Suanne and I love learning about the food we eat and was lapping up every single word she said.


As much as we were curious, we were more excited when Anna brought this large tray of samples. Oooo … nice!

Hey … these are not your day to day popsicles. These are what Anna calls whole fruit frozen fruitcicles. She had made a new batch of interesting flavour of cucumber lime. What a combination but really, it was quite nice and fresh.


They had all kinds of Classic flavours made from real fruits. Since this is a laboratory of sorts, they even have Premium flavours which is not found elsewhere but here in the flavour lab in North Vancouver.

We noticed they had a $5 bill tagged on the top corner of this poster. Suanne and I guessed that it must be the first $5 they sold here. You think?


It was fun learning about flavours. Out of curiosity, Anna brought out some chili seasonings and use us as guinea pigs. She wanted to see how we react to this odd combination.


Mango fruitcicle is a very Asian flavour since it is a common tropical fruit found abundantly in South and South East Asia. So, Anna figured perhaps some chilli seasonings may go OK with the Mango fruitcicle.

The taste was … errrr … different. It was not bad especially. Who would have thought of putting chilli on popsicles? MaxFruit would, that’s who!

Anna also gave us a tour of the production facility. And oh … we saw THAT box … the one that makes these fabulous fruitcicles.


One of the new flavours that Anna was asking us (like for three times … twice in store and once via email!!) if the boys like the Lime flavour. I think she’s trying to test something here … not sure what, we did not ask, she did not say.

Well, Anna … the answer is …


… thumbs up.

For a picky eater like Nanzaro, this passed the litmus test. He loves it. I don’t. LOL! It’s just me … I don’t like sourish flavours but absolutely digs flavours like mango. No, no … despite that expression of Nanzaro above, I swear that he did not eat this under duress … he really likes it. Honest!


The favourite hands down has to be the colorful Orange flavoured ones. It is definitely the prettiest looking fruitcicles MaxFrut has in their inventory.

Anna gave us a number of samples to take home (Thanks Anna!!). We love them … wished we had them stocked in our fridge all the time.


Look at this … there are fruits embedded all round. There is definitely strawberries. The dark stuff is probably blueberries.


Flipping it around, I can see kiwi fruit. And I swear that the yellowish bit is the mango.


My personal favourite is the Mango. It has a single piece of strawberry in it. I think the strawberry is for “garnishing” and definitely unnecessary for taste. But what makes MaxFrut special?

MaxFrut’s fruitcicles are all natural, unprocessed and has absolutely no additives like artificial flavours or colorings. Each bar has additional benefits of vitamins, fibre and is super low-calory (only 50 to 70 calories in each bar). So, for those health conscious, this is what the doctor will prescribe!


The above is another favourite of mine — the Bumbleberry. MaxFrut does not add much sugar … about 8-10g in each bar … that is about merely a quarter teaspoon. They did not have to add sugar because the fruits used are ripe, and in season. So the fruits are already high in naturally occurring sugars.


OK, tell me what this one looks like to you. It should be easy. Oh, one more thing … MaxFrut’s fruitcicles meet the Food and Beverage Guidelines that was recently published by the BC schools and public facilities.


Suanne loves this pineapple fruitcicle.

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  1. JSBanana

    Ah. Good food makes me giggle. …Strange.
    Too bad I’m down in San Francisco; otherwise, I’d be hoarding these fruitcicles everyday.

  2. Corrina

    hi, can anyone tell me the store where maxfrut is located and or their email address and phone number please ASAP.


  3. Layla

    Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and am making my way through all of your post. I wish we had little popsicle boutiques like this here! I am originally from Los Angeles and it is very common to have fruit with chilli powder, I guess it’s all the hispanic influence. Love your blog!

    1. Ben

      Thanks Layla. Not sure if you know but the best way to keep track of what you had read on chowtimes is through this link:

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