Random Eats in Beijing – Shanxi Restaurant

Ben had a meeting at the office. He came home just in time for lunch.


Ben and I walked to a nearby Shanxi Restaurant for lunch.


The Shanxi Restaurant is famous for it’s hand shaved noodle.


The restaurant even has an Ultraman looking robotic chef to shave noodle. But it was not working when I was there.


We had beef balls and prawns noodle since this is a noodle shop.


The noodle is al-dante and chewy.


We also ordered a dry fry vermicelli (tung fern). It was very fragrant; perhaps fried with pork fat. There were ground pork. chopped up shrimp and dried shrimp. I love this a lot. I will order this again.


For vegetables, we had stir fried Chinese cabbage with wood ear.


Our main dish was a mala (numbing spicy) flavour fish with Chinese celery. Other accompaniments included wood ear, enoki mushroom, and lotus root.


The fish was served whole with the flesh partially fillet for easy pickup with chopstick.

The meal came to RMB189 (CAD32).

3 thoughts on “Random Eats in Beijing – Shanxi Restaurant

  1. Your pictures of the vermicelli, cabbage, and ma la dish look so good that I’ve photocopied them to take home and cook them tonight!

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