Pearl Castle on Sexsmith, Richmond

Ever since we started going to and blogging about Bubble Tea places, we see a name that keeps popping up on comments from our readers. The name is Pearl Castle. I guess lots of people likes Pearl Castle and after our visit, we realize the reason why.


Like most Bubble Tea places, Pearl Castle is very much an Asian youngster’s hangout. These days we actually enjoy going to these Taiwanese Bubble Tea Houses as compared to Hong Kong Style Cafes. For one, Bubble Tea Houses generally have better decor and cleaner.

Pearl Castle is located on 3779 Sexsmith. It is actually on the same strip mall where Ellie is. I can’t remember the name of the strip mall at this moment.


Pearl Castle place always get very crowded at night. We went early as usual (at 4:30PM) when the place is just half full.

There is a certain class to this place and I can see why it is so popular. Pearl Castle is by far the hippest Bubble Tea house we ever been to. But the draw is more of their food.


Pearl Castle have a large drinks menu as expected. Their food menu too has a good variety of food. Arkensen and Nanzaro are beginning to want grown-up drinks … coffee. We’re OK with them getting this once in a while and seeing it’s a weekend too, we guess it’s alright.

They got a Coffee Bubble Tea and a Mocha Bubble Tea. The size they got above is large but it does not look large to us. To us it was expensive at $6 each.


I spotted a dish on the menu marked in RED that says EXTREME Spicy Hot Pot (yeah, with the word EXTREME in all caps). I simply have to get this one. This $9 dish came with rice and dessert and served in a hot pot on top of a little stove to keep the soup warm.

They even have an extra small plate of chili sauce in case you wanted it even more spicy hot!


The soup is EXTREMEly spicy. It’s so spicy it burns the tongue. In the soup are pork slices, sausage, tofu, cabbage and fish cake. The thrill of this is just the spiciness. If you love spicy food, this is it.


Rice came served in this funny looking one side bowl. This dish has a fun factor of 10 out of 10, if you ask me.


All the dishes came with this small bowl of dessert. It is Coffee Jello with beans. I like the Coffee Jello but personally I don’t like the beans.


Suanne ordered the House Special Stew Pork which costs $8.25. It is a big piece of fatty pork … sinfully delicious!


It is unbelievably delicious with alternating layers of fat and lean meat. The sauce … the sweet sauce goes great with steamed rice. There’s a hint of star anise in the sauce.


The Stew Pork came with a healthier sides of spicy tofu, pickle cucumber and vegetables. They are very good and by itself can even make a meal to us although the quantity is small.


Arkensen had the $8 House Special Beef Noodle Soup. The beef was tender and good — a hallmark of a Taiwanese Beef Noodle well done. The soup has a intense taste to it although it was not spicy at all.


Nanzaro had the Fried Chicken Thigh on Fried Rice which came at $7.75. The fried chicken was very crispy although I can see that it’s rather dry.


The fried rice was what Nanzaro looked for most.


The bill came up to just under $50 before tips. Pearl Castle accepts only cash by the way. Come to think of it, we had come across more and more places which accepts only cash these days.

Anyway, we will most definitely come back to Pearl Castle one of these days.

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  1. MWu

    Hi Suanne and Ben!

    My fiance and I used to go to Pearl Castle before your post on Flo Team Room on Granville! We find that the beef noodle soup is a little more tastier there! But just looking at the stewed pork makes me want to go back to Pearl Castle! Thanks for the read 🙂

  2. Christine

    Wow, those definitely don’t look like large BBTs. Methinks you were ripped off. Ottawa’s large BBTs are actually large, so how can a place like that in Vancouver be so small? You guys should have complained. I would’ve.

    Just looking at the picture of the House Special Stewed Pork makes my mouth water. It reminds me of the stewed beef noodle soup I get here in Toronto. The bowl of beef noodle soup also looks very tasty! Great job, as always. =)

  3. M

    Pearl Castle is one of my favorite bubble tea cafes. Lots of fun to eat there and service is pretty friendly despite that it’s usually busy. I always order the chicken knees and fried oysters, yum! And that pork belly is so melt-in-your-mouth delicious! I’ll have to go back again soon.

  4. Elaine

    Definitely try the “milk seafood udon” (direct translation LMAO) next time, it’s so good <333 I go there everytime for that!

  5. Joyce

    does anyone have the email for this pearl castle at sexsmith?

    1. Ben

      No we don’t but their phone number is (604) 270-3939. Hope this helps.

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