Legendary Noodles in Richmond

The Legendary Noodle restaurant in Richmond had closed.

We went to the Legendary Noodle restaurant in Richmond. It’s a small diner with only about 30 seats. What sets this place apart is that the chef pulls and cuts the noodles by hand. The chef is a very nice humble man who so graciously consented to have his pictures taken when we asked. He made it look so simple!


He stretches the dough, brings two ends together, spins it, twists it and repeats the process over and over again until they all form thin strands of noodles. It must have been at least 100 yards of noodles by the time he finished.


Nothing compares with a bowl of freshly made noodles. I swear that there’s a difference in Legendary’s noodles — not only in the look but also in the taste and texture. They are tender, yet chewy.

The strands are so long that the waitress actually cut the noodles with a pair of scissors just before they bring it to our table.


Click on the link below for the review of dishes we ordered and more about the restaurant.

Nanzaro (he he he, that’s my younger boys nickname for this blog!) ordered the Noodle in Pork Chop Soup. The pork chop was chunky and the soup was tasty. $5.99. Nanzaro shared this with his mum.


I ordered their signature dish — the Noodle in House Special Beef Soup. Comes in two size: Large for $6.80 and small for $5.80. The soup was clear and served with thinly sliced beef flank. I wished that they did not add in the bean sprout (I hate bean sprout in soup!)


Son #1, “Arkensen”, ordered the House Special Fried Rice with Lamb for $6.85. It’s nothing special really and a bit on the bland side. Hmmm … looks even oily but Arkensen loves it.


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  1. Travis

    WOW, I love homemade noodles, and I can’t wait to go there now! But why’d you have to make me so hungry before bed time!?

  2. Jee

    I had watched chef doing the noodles before, but not as long or as thick of what’s in your pic.. he must be dang skillful.

  3. sally

    It’s also mesmerizing to watch!

  4. Suanne

    Travis: I sometimes feel hungry myself blogging!

    Jee: Oh yeah, I was pretty amazed with the chef too. I see that you’re Malaysian. We WERE Malaysian too. Still misses the food!

    Sally: So happy to know you’re still reading my blog.

  5. sally

    Why would you think I stopped?

  6. Suanne

    Hi Sally: He he he … I meant to say that I’m glad you found my blog interesting that you continue to visit and leave comments. I really enjoy reading comments as much as blogging.

  7. sally

    I am the same way about reading comments on my blog, it’s nice! I am ambivalent about comments from BE because those commentators are transient…but, I am glad when someone sticks around and comes back again and again!

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