Master Hung BBQ Restaurant on Blundell and Garden City, Richmond

Shawn (Suanne’s brother) loves Master Hung. When he was staying in our place a few years ago, I remember how he would take my bicycle to Master Hung to buy their roast duck twice or trice a week. He likes it so much we think he could have roast duck everyday if given the chance.

It had been a long while since we last went to Master Hung since we don’t normally drive through this part of Richmond. It was like out of sight, out of mind.


Master Hung is located on Garden City and Blundell. What brought me here was the thought of roast duck. I don’t think there are many places which specializes on Cantonese Style Roast Duck here in Metro Vancouver … well, not that I know of. Most BBQ Chinese joints specializes on Roast Pork of which the one in Parker Place is absolutely our favourite.


Master Hung appears to us to be very much a neighborhood restaurant. They do have a lot of customers who works or stays nearby because many of the customers does not really dress up (i.e. many in their work clothes) here. We also saw that they have quite a lot of people ordering take away.

There were quite a number of empty tables. Since the smaller tables were taken up they seated in their larger tables. Before we know it, they came by and asked if we mind sharing a table with another party of two. No way, we said. We hate sharing tables with strangers.


We did not realize initially. We were wondering why Nanzaro asked for pen …


… they have Sudoku printed on their paper mats. This is the first time I had come across this. Pretty clever, I thought.


Master Hung provides free soup of the day. The menu calls this “low for tong” which literally translates to old flame soup … i.e. soup that had been boiled for a long time. The soup was quite flavorful but more importantly it does not seems to be laden with MSG.


We ordered half a Roast Duck which costs $9.80. We absolutely love the shining reddish-brownish crispy skin … a sign of a well made BBQ Roast Duck. One thing I wish they serve with this is scallion. I know, scallion normally goes with Peking Duck, not Cantonese duck … but still I think it would be great.


The scrumptious Roast Duck was deliciously moist. The plum sauce as a dip is good but I personally prefer hoisin sauce. OK, some of you would tell me that hoisin sauce is normally served with Peking Duck but still.

The duck meat is consistently fleshy and thick here in Master Hung. That’s what I love so much about it because many places serves skinny duck meat.


Their other specialty of Master Hung is the Roasted Crispy Pork. It is very fatty but that is what makes this great … six layers of alternating lean and fat meat topped with a very crunchy crispy pork skin. This plate is $8.80. Between Parker Place and Master Hung, I still think that Parker Place is better in most counts.


Just to balance all the guilt of ordering the duck and the BBQ Pork, we had the Gai Lan with Oyster Sauce. One thing about Gai Lan … the English translation is Chinese Brocolli. I find it strange because this leafy vegetable resembles anything but brocolli. Gai Lan is our favourite vegetable at home. We just like crunchy thick stem and leafiness of the vegetable. Moreover it is easy to make … just blanch and serve with oyster sauce. $4.50.


And … it goes without saying … the boys wanted fried rice again. At least this time it is not the salted fish and chicken fried rice. I had effectively banned salted fish and chicken fried rice — no more of that for the next 1 month, I told the boys. So, they ordered the Love Bird Fried Rice. They like it but I find it too soggy for my personal liking. $11.95.

I know that the reddish side is made of tomato sauce but what is the white creamy sauce? What is it made of?


The total came up to $43. Master Hung takes only cash. I found myself carrying more cash these days dining out because more and more restaurants are asking for only cash payment.

I recommend that you try their Roast Duck. If you’re lazy to cook at home, go to Master Hung and “jarm pun jak ngap” to take home.


You can click on the menu to have a larger view.

Master Hung BBQ Restaurant 油雞洪燒臘菜館 on UrbanspoonBUSINESS HOUR

11:00AM to 10:30PM
Close on Wednesday

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  1. gigi

    I love the roast pork at Parker Place too! The roast duck at Master Hung’s looks quite tasty though…I will have to give it a try the next time I’m in the area.

  2. Sherman

    Ben, the duck looks awesome! I need to go there sometime. I really love roast duck, especially when it’s done right.

  3. Adelaide

    Good to know. Another great place to get roast duck is in Chinatown at Kam Gok Yuen on Pender. Old school place. Nothing ritzy, but their duck rocks!

  4. shokutsu

    A great crispy skin is crucial to excellent BBQ duck and this one pictured here looks amazing! Will definitely add it to my places to try.

  5. Winnie

    I like Master Hung’s dinner combos. I like the BBQ duck there too. The stir fry dishes are pretty good. The salted fish, chicken and tofu pot (“bo”) is very tasty. Seems like they use good quality salted fish for this dish. Their 8 treasures tofu pot is also very good.

  6. Jessica

    Koon Bo on 41st and Fraser makes a great roast duck. Sometimes you have to pre-order it to be guaranteed a good duck though! 🙂

    “but what is the white creamy sauce? What is it made of?”

    Starch. lots and lots of starch. I plan on making it sometime in April and will blog about it!

  7. Raymond

    what are the business hours of master hung and what days are it open.

    1. Suanne

      Hi Raymond, Master Hung BBQ business hour is from 11:00am to 10:30pm and it is closed on Wednesday. I had also incorporated the take out menu on the post.

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