Jumbo Sushi on No 3 Road, Richmond

We just stumble onto a sushi place which will be a family favourite for sometime to come. We had been to Jumbo Sushi twice already. The first time, we did not even bother to bring along the camera as we did not think much about this place. The following week we re-visited Jumbo Sushi armed with the camera because we felt this will be worth writing about.


Jumbo Sushi is located on No 3 Road across the road from Richmond Center. It is at the small strip mall between Cook Road and Park Road.


Jumbo Sushi is pretty much a hole-in-the-wall. There is nothing to talk about in terms of decor. The furniture are IKEA — even the plastic cups are from IKEA. The only thing other than the word sushi here that attempts to make this like a sushi restaurant is limited to the small banner with Japanese words and a couple of lanterns. The people are Chinese for sure as they speaks perfect Cantonese.

Deciding what each of us wanted was not easy because there were so many choices and options with specials. They have pictures of their offerings pasted all over the wall.

To the purists, Jumbo Sushi will be the kind shunned as a wannabe Japanese restaurant.

But … it is the kind of place our boys love. Suanne and I like it too.


Jumbo Sushi is named that way because they make JUMBO sushis. We love this place because it is value for money. Our growing boys do not care for top grade salmon sashimi for their sushi. They just want LOTs of sushi … and bigger is better.

In short, Jumbo Sushi is value for money for reasonable quality. They also have quite a number of unique sushi creations worth discovering.


We had a few specialty sushi to share. The one above is called the Supreme Mango Roll which costs $4.75. In it, they have avocado, crab meat, mango and then topped off with more mango and roe. The roll, like all their other rolls are very big. It is so big that you could not eat this with just one bite.


Does any of you knowledgeable about roes? Are these salmon roe? Tell me more about this because I know so little of them.

Anyway, although the roe are big, they tasted kind of fishy. Is it because it is not fresh or does roe supposed to taste like that?


The Hawaiian Beef Roll is one that Suanne will eat because it is cooked. Suanne has still not come to grip with eating uncooked food.

The Hawaiian Beef Roll had beef and pineapple with teriyaki sauce. This is good … and only $3.50.


My favourite is what they call the Island Roll. This is normally $3.95 but they have this as a special for only $3.25.

In it is cooked tuna, fish flakes and topped with kiwi sauce. It tasted unlike sushis that one would expect … it is unique and I actually like it.


Nanzaro ordered the Bento Box E. This is $9 and has a chockful of items. The Teriyaki Chicken Don is crispy and dry but looks more like Chinese Siew Yoke if you ask me. There is also 3 pieces of yam tempuras and 2 pieces of prawn tempuras. The single piece of gyoza does not look too great. However …


… the five pieces of salmon sashimi were very big. I had never seen a bigger piece than these. Nanzaro was completely satisfied with the sashimi.

(Now, if you are itching to lecture me about grades of sashimi, let it go and save your time. LOL!)


Arkensen ordered the $8 Assorted Sushi. This one has 5-pcs Dynamite Roll, 6-pcs California Roll, 3-pcs Salmon Roll and 3-pcs Tuna Roll. He enjoyed this a lot because there were so many pieces of his favourite ones.


There were not many options for cooked food for Suanne. So she ordered the Unagi Don which is $10. It came in a really big bowl with big pieces of unagi topped on some fish cake slices. This is so big that we doggy-bagged half of this home and Nanzaro finished it off.

Jumbo Sushi has a lot of take-away customers. One thing we will want to order next time is their “50% off the 2nd Party Tray” offer. This will be great for a big group. We’ll be back … or rather, our boys will want to come back for more.

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  1. Kieran

    Hello from Singapore! wow the unagi don looks really good!

  2. Michelle

    This place does sound very good and cheap! If that is what you’re going for, you should try Samurai Sushi – they have two locations in Vancouver.

    Also, I read in another post that you haven’t really been to a “fine dining” Japanese place. I highly recommend Bonqula on Alexandra Road. I went there the other day and the food, presentation, and service is amazing and not too expensive either! It is really worth trying and I’d love to hear what you think about it! http://dinehere.ca/restaurant.asp?r=2704

    1. Ben

      Hi Michelle:

      We … actually Suanne had went to Bonqula before. See her blog post by clicking here.

      We will check out Samurai Sushi one of these days.


  3. Jennifer

    That roe you ate is probably either masago (smelt) or tobbiko (flying fish). Ikura (salmon roe) is bigger.

    Those sushis are huge, but looks really yummy! Looks like I need to make a trip to Vancouver soon…

    1. Ben

      Hi Jennifer: LOL! I don’t think I’ll ever remember the Japanese names of all the different kind of roes. Thanks anyway.

  4. fresh_one

    Hi Ben,

    good post! I’ve been to Jumbo Sushi a couple of years back and was disappointed. The rice in all my rolls were hard and stale. For great value and HUGE pieces, I frequently go to Banzai Sushi beside Tsim Chai Noodles on Westminster. They are opened by the same owners as Samurai Sushi in Vancouver.

    1. Ben

      Good recommendation, fresh_one. That’s is what my boys wanted … HUGE sushis … and what I wanted to … great value. At the rate the boys are now eating, they can eat Suanne and I to bankruptcy. LOL!

  5. marie

    now that’s what i mean by food with value! would want to go to that shop and eat those jumbos! 🙂

  6. Jessica

    Ummmm…roe is not supposed to smell fishy. I guess you ony had a small amount of it though, so nto enough to cause any illness! The one you have pictured about looks like tobikko.

    Salmon roe are bigger (~2-3 mm?) and taste slightly bitter and cream-like.

    Hole in the wall sushi joints are great, as long as you know what to order / what they do best! 🙂

  7. Phil

    Alas, I am these so called sushi purists LOL but I am a nice person honestly lol..anyhoo, if you really love sushi and know the importance of fresh fish cuz you know what tainted raw fish can do to you, I’d implore you to support places like Ajisai (a previous poster commented on this place I believe) and also check out Shiro on Cambie or Zipang on Main St for authentic Japanese food. Toshi on East 16th is another must try place. Start with these and I guarantee there’s no turning back for you. Enjoy.

  8. Vanessa

    I’ve tried this place one time b4` coz its so close to where i live`
    But i never went back since, coz we thought their rice were a bit sticky & too much in a roll…and the salmon sashimi we got were not thoroughly thawed 🙁 there still were chunks of ice in it…it was not a nice experience for me…`

    If i were to go for big pieces of sushi, I would prefer Banzai on westminster or Sushi world in Empire plaza ! =)

  9. Kagayaku

    As Jennifer said, the roe could be masago or tobbiko, but it could also be ebikko (shrimp). When I saw the third picture I thought that it was perspective making the sushi look so large, but I never thought it really would be that big =P And the Ikea cups, I have those too!

  10. Jeffy

    I tried this place about 2 weeks ago coz I read your review. 🙂
    Price is cheap, I like the 2nd party tray for half off and I like the jumbo sushis – that’s about it though. The rice used to make the sushi was kinda wet/soggy, taste was ok and everything smelled sort of fishy.

    I looked at their menu and everything look so cheap, not sure how they taste though.

    Unfortunately, I will not be going back.

  11. BonBon

    Very intriguing post. No doubt, the unagi don definitely looks very appetizing. It would be fun to eat huge sushi.. but I honestly wonder what the Japanese would think of this. After all, sushi was never meant to be large. The beauty of it is the way it is eaten in one bite.

  12. Michael Lee

    Ben, Suanne & family! Hello from Cowtown.
    Thank so much for your site . Really enjoy it. I visit Vancouver about twice a year and now I must try to do so more often. So many restaurants so little time…

    Supreme mango roll: tobiko for sure = flying fish roe
    Mango, crab (flake), avacado & tobiko would be a dynamite combo.

    Ikura = salmon roe (larger)
    Masago = capelin roe (tiny)

    There is a crab roe, forgot the Japanese name.
    Check these out on wikipedia.com, interesting related facts.

  13. Renee

    I love this place. I live down the street and eat there all the time. (actually, I’m looking for their ph # to make an order right now, and I came across this) Amazing deals, they just added lots of new sushi options, eg. Papaya and Avacado, and papaya California roll. We ordered 4 platters, enough to completely feed 15 people easily, and it cost us 70 dollars!
    I love you Jumbo sushi!

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