Homemade Tortillas

The South Arm Community Kitchen is privileged to have Blanca to demonstrate some Mexican dishes.  Blanca made a fabulous meal of Beef Tacos with Salsa and Guacamole.  According to Blanca, such a meal is a staple food in a Mexican family and they can have this every day.


The good thing about serving tacos is that everyone get hands on in assembling their own tacos.  It’s a fun meal to enjoy with your family.


Blanca showed us how to made corn tortillas from scratch.  It is simple to make with a tortilla maker.  You get perfect round tortillas with a simple press.  Tortillas press can be found in Mexican stores like Que Pasa.  If you do not want to make your own corn tortillas, you can get fresh ready made ones from Que Pasa or other stores that sell Mexican food.


  • 2 cups Maseca corn flour
  • 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • salt to taste
  • about 1 1/8 cup water


Blanca insist of using the Maseca brand of corn flour.  She brought the wrong type of flour which is meant for Tamales instead of tortillas but it still works.


tortilla-2-300x200Blanca shared with us that it is her grandma’s recipe to add the all-purpose flour for a more tender and soft tortillas.Combine Maseca corn flour and all-purpose flour in a large bowl.  Season with salt.
tortilla-3-300x200Add water gradually while mixing the flour.
tortilla-4-300x200Add enough water to make a soft dough ball.
tortilla-15-300x200Divide the dough into small golf ball size portion and roll into round balls.
tortilla-5-300x200If you do not have a tortillas maker, you can still make tortillas manually.Place a dough ball between two plastic bag (groceries bag will do, do not use saran wrap).
tortilla-6-300x200Use a heavy flat object like a pot to press down the dough ball which is placed between the plastic bag.
tortilla-7-300x200Use a rolling pin to roll out the flatten dough into a very thin tortillas (like 1mm).
tortilla-8-300x200Remove the tortillas and place on a baking sheet.  The reason to roll it between two layer of plastic bag is to be able to remove the tortillas easily as it wont stick to the plastic bag.
tortilla-9-300x200With a tortillas maker, you still have to use the plastic bag for easy removal.  Place the dough ball on a plastic bag and cover it with another layer of plastic bag and place it on the tortilla press.
tortilla-10-300x200Bring the cover down and press down via a level.
tortilla-11-300x200The tortillas will turn out in perfect round and thickness.
tortilla-13-300x200Place the tortillas on your palm and flip it into a hot dry pan.
tortilla-14-300x200Cook until the bottom is lightly brown, flip over and cook until it’s lightly brown on both side.  Remove and stack them on a platter.  You may prepare the tortillas ahead of time but you need to reheat just them before serving to have a more pliable tortillas.
tortilla-16-300x200You can make a simple Quesadilla with the tortilla.  In Spanish, Queso means cheese and dilla is the short form of tortilla.  Just place some cheese into a tortilla, fold into a half moon shape and light heat on a dry frying pan until the cheese melted.
tortilla-17-300x200Blanca served her tortilla with a simple beef stir fry the onions which is seasoned just with salt and pepper.  Blanca used the sukiyaki cut of beef which is thinly slice and they are very tender.

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  1. Sue

    Where can one buy a tortilla press in the GVRD area?

  2. Chagory Jish

    que pasa in richmond

  3. Angie

    You can also buy the tortilla press from Ming Wo Cookware.

  4. Amanda

    it’s kinda like the way East Indians make rotis =D

    that’s so cool though, thanks suanne!!

  5. Sra. Cano

    Let me make homemade mexican tortillas for for you and your family. I can have them made by 4pm and be at the UPS storefront for the 7pm pick up. And you’ll have them the next day. Please contact me at csidecollection@yahoo.com Thank you

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