100% Healthy Dessert on Westminster Highway, Richmond

Updated: 11th Dec 2014; This restaurant is closed.

It was the night of the Chowtimes Readers Dinner at the Afghan Horsemen when we went to this little dessert joint in Richmond.  There was too much meat for us.  I can’t explain it, the meal felt lop-sided.


We had walked past 100% Healthy Dessert countless times before.  As much as we had always wanted to try it, we did not because they open in the evenings (4PM to 1AM).

Surprisingly, it was quite busy that night.  I was expecting this place crawling with youngsters but do see quite a few older customers here.  That made us feel not too old,

There is nary a decoration in the place.  Quite spartan I would say.

Menu-side, there were lots of variety to choose from.  The menu is generally divided into hot and cold dessert sections.


We thought that the Mixed Fruit with Stir COLD Noodle sound interesting.  So, we ordered that.  It was colorful to say the least.  At first, I thought that the noodles are rice noodles served with mango sauce but …


… it is not.  It is some chewy dessert made in the shape of noodles.  We like this.  This is a unique dessert quite unlike others.  There is a certain element of fun and surprise eating this especially with the noodles.  It is nice and refreshing.  $5.25.


The other dessert we ordered is called Mixed Fruit Papaya Boat with Sago.  We ordered this because of the word “boat”.  It has the usual fruits on the side like mango, cantaloupe, pineapple, honey dew and watermelon.


The small but very sweet papaya is filled with sago and passionfruit “tadpoles” which adds a twist to the texture of papaya.


After two cold dessert, we thought we try a hot dessert too.


This one is called Stewed Honey Sea Coconut and Fungus with Pear and Almond.


This had a nice balance of sweetness of various levels coming from the soup, honey sea coconut and pear while the combination of the texture came from the ingredients.  It is enjoyable particularly for a cold night.  This one costs $5.


Our total bill came up to $18.  It is not too bad considering we actually ordered three desserts.  There are a lot to discover of their extensive menu.  I think they had very creative and pleasing looking desserts which I am surprised there are not many other copy catters.

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  1. LotusRapper

    Wow, you guys went for dessert after the Horsemen ? Talk about diehard foodies !

    These look great, I’ll definitely keep them in mind.

    You know, I bet one can eat at a different restaurant in Richmond every day of the year and not eat at the same place twice, because after the 365th day/restaurant there’d be new restaurants and/or old ones changing ownership & menu.

  2. Wendy

    Those are actually basil seeds! Not passionfruit!!

  3. carolyn

    they are well known for the types of hongkong mango desserts. give it a try. ^^

    1. DaniQ

      Hm, just googling the crap out of mango desserts in Richmond…I went to Hong Kong in April and am dying for some of the mango ice cream with extra mango and coconut noodles…AND fresh mango mochi…do they really serve stuff like this there??? (similar to “healthy dessert in Hong Kong?)

      Thanks 🙂

  4. Lai

    Try this other desert place at the corner of Saba Road and Buswell Road in Richmond (Across from Richmond Public Market) if you haven’t been there yet. Although they don’t have as much selections as 100% Healthy Desert, they serve quite authentic Cantonese style deserts. It’s worth a try 😉

  5. Lydia

    I love this place! The noodles are actually coconut noodles made with coconut milk. I always order the mango and strawberry sauce with coconut noodles.mmmmm

  6. tam


    does anyone know what the noodles are called?? i want to order some or find it in a super market or even try to make some! i really like the chewy coconut tasting noodles!!

    if you know, i’d really appreciate it!!

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