Barcelona: Tapas in Txapela

There is one more important Gaudi that we wanted to go to.  We could not locate Park Guell, a garden which Gaudi designed.  We took the Metro all the way to the nearest station and then found out it was another 1.5 km walk.  We had enough for the day and turned back, heading back to Plaza de Catalunya.


We had tried tapas in a pub before and Suanne hated all the smoking.  Near the Plaza de Catalunya we found one that has much lesser smoking and the place is more airy.  It looked busy too, but at the same time, it also looked very touristy.


We had the option to get seated by the tapas bar or the tables.  In many places in Spain, the prices for eating at the bar and at the tables are different for the same food.  The bar prices are cheaper.


We opted to get seated at the tables.  It’s more comfortable … and we don’t have to deal with eye contact with the bartender … and we don’t have to chat with our neighbor.  Spaniards are chatty and they will talk to you in Spanish!!  Not this time, we were dead tired and just wanted to have a quiet, take-it-slowly meal … and catch up with our notes.


I had beer, Suanne had water.  I don’t really like to drink beer.  I only ordered that so that I don’t look wimpy.  LOL!  Believe it or not, after just half a mug of this, my face will turn bright red and will take at least 1/2 hour to clear.  Suanne ALWAYS bug me about it … “Honey, your face is red again.”

Oh please … not too loud.  The next table could hear!

I can’t quite figure out the pricing of beer here.  The waiter asked if I wanted the 0.4L for €2.95 or the 0.5L for €3.95.

BTW, €1 is about CAD $1.60.


This is a touristy tapas restaurant alright.  The menu is available in the language you want.  They have it in German, French and what nots.  On the tables are paper mat printed with numbered pictures of the tapas they have.  The translations are on the menu.

We have an order sheet (like dim sums in Richmond!) to circle what we wanted.

The food are more pleasing to us.  Suanne said she likes this better.  I just think that this is watered down and presented better for tourists.  Anyway, here are some of what we had.


The Pintxo Octopus (octopus in Vinaigrette) was €1.70.  It was particularly nice with the chopped onion, tomato and peppers.

The prices here felt cheaper to us because at the other places, the prices of each dish is about €4.  However, the serving here is much smaller and often bite sizes only.  We actually like it better with bite sizes because we get to try more types of tapas.


The one above is called Igueldo.  It is made of tomato sheets and lined with a Catalan cheese called Atura.  €1.70.

The cheese was quite mild tasting like mozarella.  We like the cool and refreshing taste.


The Pintxo Ajoarriero is Salt Cod with Garlic.  €1.45.  At first glance, we thought that the piece on top was the cod but no, it was the bread.  We like the sauce particularly.


We ordered the Pintxo with French Style because the description said it is croissant with crab and ham salad (€1.45).  We thought it sounded interesting.  It was nice especially with the saltish ham and moist crab meat.


The Pintxo Mallorca is warm brie cheese with sobrasada (€1.45).  The Brie cheese had a strong flavour which Suanne was not a fan of.


We ended up with Catalan Creme for dessert.  It was sweet with caramelized sugar at the top.  It was a lot like creme brulee except that it has a coarser texture.  The Catalan Creme is one of the more famous dishes in the Catalan cuisine.  We had quite a lot of this throughout our vacation.


The bill was only €13.50.  We were quite pleased with this meal because of the cleaner and less smokey atmosphere.

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