Barcelona: Guess Where We Had the Tarta de Queso

After the whole day of walking, our feet were killing us.  We looked for somewhere to rest and get a drink.  We wanted somewhere simple.


We came upon this restaurant which looked familiar.  So we went in and since they have really delicious looking pastries too, we ordered some.  Suanne gravitated towards the Tarta de Queso as always.  Alright, it is cheesecake but the words name Tarta de Queso sounded cooler.

It was served somewhat fancy considering that we did not expect a place like this to do that.


I had a simple pastry.  Loved the way they served this.  You may think that … so what?  This is nothing unique.  It sure is considering where we had this.  We had this in, believe it or not, …


… in McDonalds!  This outlet is a McDonalds with a McCafe counter at the entrance.

We were very impressed with the McDonalds in Spain.  It is a world of difference from the cookie cutter outlets we have in North America.  The interior was designed with a modernistic theme with bright colors.


Like I earlier said, Spain seems to take their food seriously.  Service was different here but then we figured that it must be because this is McCafe and not really McDonalds.  We placed and paid for our orders at the counter and they brought the food to our table.

They served the food in real ceramic plates and metal cutleries.  The ceramic plate was chilled too and has chocolate sauce.


Suanne had the Latte Macchiato.  We found it good, not that we are experts in coffee anyway.

There was this old couple who sat next to our table.  They too ordered each a cup of coffee.  The old lady took a sip and then complained to the staff.  I guess she was complaining about the coffee.  We saw that McCafe reimbursed her the money.  It makes me think that Spaniard (OK, Catalans!) are really fussy about their coffee.

The bill came to €7.05.

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  1. Chris

    The McCafe’s in Aust are excellent too!

  2. Wendy

    They actually started having McCafe’s in HK (and presumably Asia) since 2001.

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