Samurai Sushi House on Cambie Near 41st, Vancouver

This is one place we expect our boys would love. They like sushi — the more the better.


When I suggested we go to Samurai Sushi for lunch, they were happy. They knew that Samurai is the sister restaurant to the Banzai Sushi House in Richmond. Their claim to notoriety is their ridiculously large rolls.

No serious.

If you have never seen their rolls, I am sure you will laugh when you see it for the first time. Their biggest is what they call the House Roll. It is so big that you can’t even pick it up with your hands without it breaking apart.


We did not expect the place to be so small. There is some seats along the bar and about 2-3 tables. That’s all. Banzai in Richmond is a lot bigger. Here, they have a lot of take out business.

Their picture menu is pasted along the wall.



The above are pages from Samurai Sushi’s take out menu.


We got seated on the sushi bar and get to see three chefs at working making the sushi … and the ridiculously large House Roll below to see how massive they are.


I so wanted to take a picture of the chefs at work but they have such a serious look on their face their I thought I better not. I wanted to show you the rolls that they had already made. You will be surprised how many they already made ready to go. There must be over a hundred rolls neatly stacked all over the place.


My choice was the $9.75 Mixed Combo. It consists of 2 tuna, 2 salmon and 2 ebi sushi.


The salmon … completely covers the sushi rice and more. Lots of fish here.


Do you call this roll the Alaska roll? Not good. The fish were too dry for my liking and the avocado too mushed up.


Arkensen’s order was the Maki Combo with California Roll. This is $7. Arkensen likes California roll only. He does not care for BC Rolls, Dynamite Rolls and the likes.


Nanzaro just likes it plain and simple. Fish on rice ($8). He is a fussy dude. His rolls cannot be contaminated. If it touches a single molecule of wasabi, he will not touch it. Nanzaro’s contaminated sushis becomes mum’s sushi.


I also ordered a separate order of sashimi for our boys even though they did not ask for it. There are 10 massive pieces for $10.25. I thought they would love it but what they had was too much already. So it was hard to finish it and moreover it was beginning to feel icky to us with all the salmon and tuna.


Suanne needs cooked food. So she had Beef Teriyaki Don ($7).

Samurai Sushi House is the kind of places that our boys enjoy a lot. Their sushi is simple and large … and very affordable. Even though it was simply too much salmon and tuna for this outing, at least our boys were happy.

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11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
7 Days a Week

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  1. Angie

    I have been following your blog for quite some time now but never left a comment before. I love your blog. The pictures of all the food makes my mouth water. If I am going to Canada I definitely will check your recommendations.

  2. Katina

    I love Samurai! There’s also another one by 49th and Fraser 🙂

    1. Ben

      Hah! You are right, Katina. There sure is another Samurai Sushi. It seems like this one on Fraser is not related to Samurai Sushi on Cambie and Banzai in Richmond.

  3. Marike

    I live near Oakridge and after reading this post I was craving my usual fix of mix combo B with alaska roll! You know, I’ve had the same combo here 50 times in the last 5-6 years and I’ve never seen the alaska roll with dried/cooked looking salmon.

    In fact, the one I’m eating right now has good fatty sashimi salmon and firm avocado. I think you just had a bad batch.

    And I agree, you have to watch how much your order because everything is so big!

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