Indian Cuisine: Raita

Minoo also made an Indian side dish for the Indian theme at the Caring Place Community Kitchen.  It is called Raita.


Raita is a yogurt sauce or dip kind of side dish. It is very similar to Greek’s tzatkiki.  I guess this side dish acts as a cooling agent when you have spicy main dishes.


  • 1 litre plain low fat yogurt
  • 1/2 cucumber, finely diced
  • a few fresh mint, finely minced
  • a pinch of cumin powder



  • Add diced cucumber and chopped fresh mint to the yogurt.  Season with cumin, salt and pepper.


Minoo, thank you again for bringing us a simple culinary tour of the Indian cuisine.

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  1. Emily

    Hi Ben & Suanne,

    I just came across your site after looking up the Crab Pot restaurant in Seattle. Your blog is AWESOME!! I am going to check out all your restaurant reviews but I’d really love to know if you could recommend your top 2-3 Cantonese/Hong Kong (or I guess any Southern Chinese food) type food in Vancouver. My Husband and I will be visiting Vancouver for two days (We’ve been living in Seattle for a little over a year) and we (meaning my husband) are dying for some authentic Southern Chinese food. We are originally from Toronto so we’ve been spoiled with so many great restaurants and my husband is also originally from Hong Kong. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!! 😀 Also, if there is a Chinese restaurant that in your opinion is a “must eat” that isn’t necessarily Canton/Hong Kong I’d still love to know 🙂 Thanks SOO much!!


    1. Suanne

      Hi Emily:
      I’ve just emailed you a list of our fav restaurants. I thought I email you instead because the links are so long and it does not show well on the comments.

  2. etranger

    When you dice the cucumber to make Raita, do you leave the seeds in? I see you are using what we call an English cucumber, which isn’t as watery or seedy as the usual kind in American markets.

    I like the series on Indian foods. I like to eat Northern Indian food but I have never seen an easy way to learn how to make it. I know you need to buy and roast your own spices, but it is hard to know how much and what!


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