Alert: Possible Website Outage

Update: The site is now back on line. The worse is not over. Expect to see changes to chowtimes in days to come.

Hi All:

We had just been informed by our hosting company that they are forcing a migration of to another server within the next 24 hours. This could mean an unspecified period of outage of the site. I hope this will NOT be a repeat of last year when the first hosting company booted out of their servers because of high traffic. We were off-line for 10 days then.

This time round, the same reason was given by the current hosting company despite we having an “unlimited” hosting plan. So, if we go dark again, you know why. We need to find a permanent solution to the traffic growth.

Ben and Suanne

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  1. iPanda

    I think Chow Times is big enough to move to at least a VPS. Those shared hosting company will never give you true “unlimited” resource. It’s good to know the traffic is growing, but if it’s offline for another day or two, it’s not good for our foodies who love to read Chow Times. 🙂

  2. Marike

    Oh no! Mass anxiety attack coming on… ;o)

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