KL Fall 2012: Royal Selangor Tour

After lunch, PL brought us to visit Royal Selangor which is the world’s largest manufacturer and retailer of pewter.


The world’s largest pewter tankard as recognized by Guinness Book of Records in 1985. It was made to commemorate Royal Selangor’s centenary. Selangor Pewter (old name) was founded by Yong Koon in 1885.


We had a guided  tour of the visitor center in the headquarter. We learned about it’s history to it’s present day as the world’s largest pewter maker.


History of the lucky teapot.


A replica of a tin ore mining machine.


Antique tools.


A collection of filings of pewter.


A replica of the Petronas Twin Towers made with 7,062 pewter tankards.


A giant weighing scale.


Hall of Finishes which display various pewter textures and patterns.


Hall of Frames which comprises of more than 200 pewter photo frames of different sizes and designs. We have a few of these in our home.


The guided tour also included a tour to see how pewter is made. The above is casting from molds.


Filing to smooth out the cast product.


Some finished products.


Hands on on the hammering process. Trust me, it’s not easy to hit with consistent strength and in-line.


Lastly, the showroom. We bought an air tight tea caddy for Ben to store his espresso coffee powder. PL, thanks again for the trip down memory lane.

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