Join Us for Dim Sum at the Golden Ocean, May 1st (Saturday)

Hi All:

I had made tentative reservation for Dim Sum at the Golden Ocean and am opening this up to chowtimes readers to join Suanne and I for a “Dim Sum 101” session. I am hoping to make this along the lines of what I did when I brought some of my Mexican friends for an intro to dim sum (see this post).

This session will be the precursor to the Extreme Dim Sum (XDS) some of you are asking for us to organize.

So far we already have 12 names. It would be great if you some of you could take the time to join us too. Depending on the number of people attending, we are going to have at least one person to lead each table so that you will be hosted properly.

We made a visit to Golden Ocean last weekend. The place is spacious. Although we did not eat there, we saw quite a lot of unique dim sum dishes. The most important thing is that this restaurant serves dim sums in push carts so you can choose what you want — and making it a truly “picking to the desire of your heart” experience.

Here is the details …

Location: Golden Ocean Restaurant
Address: 2046 West 41st Avenue, Vancouver
Google Map: Click Here

Date: May 1st, 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 10:00 AM

The cost will be evenly split between the number of people on each table depending on what is ordered. I would say it would be anywhere between $10-$20 per person.

Here are some reviews of Golden Ocean you want to check out:

If you are interested in joining us in the fun of learning about dim sum and before you graduate to Extreme Dim Sum, please send an email to Please let us know by this Thursday as we would like to finalize the count for the restaurant. Please let us know if you have any questions too.

Ben and Suanne

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  1. grayelf

    In case it’s not obvious from the picture, Golden Ocean is upstairs. There is an elevator as well. I’m glad they got new signage too. This is probably my favourite cart dimsum in Vancouver proper right now.

      1. Ben

        Hi LotusRapper:
        Very interesting blogs … no wonder I don’t recognized those blogs. They were written before was ever conceived. You sure have a good memory to remember these posts even after all these years! Thanks for the links

  2. Jacob Sussman

    Hey Ben- I’m not really a commenting reader, but I’d definitely be interested in joining in for this! I’ve had dim sum only once before, and I’m eager to have some more before I leave Vancouver for the summer.

    I only have one question- how long do you think the whole event will take, and is there any chance of ducking out quickly? Me and my friend have a flight back to Calgary booked for 1:00, and we really don’t want to miss that… =)

    1. Ben

      Hi Jacob: I had sent you an email on your question above. Ben

  3. souggy

    Nice! Wish I can be there.

    Have fun, guys.

  4. karengd

    Would love to join you for this, but we will be out of town. Is there a chance of another before the Extreme or can we just start with Extreme?

  5. Winnie

    Great choice! This is the choice whenever we take my parents for dim sum. I really like their “ginger juice chicken buns” (very gingery) and “steam beef balls” (lots of cilantro and hint of dried mandarin peel). Looking forward for the blog report back.

  6. Carol

    … I have to work :'( …… but :p I’ve been there before already ’cause it’s near where I live 🙂 you guys have fun 😀

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