Join Us for Kopi Luwak, Blue Mountain Coffee Tasting?

I had been talking about this for a long time. No more talk. Time to taste!

When I was blogging about Kopi Luwak many moons ago about the most expensive coffee in the world and wanted to try for myself what it is all about, PinoyGourmet sent someone to scour the whole of Manila to get some samples for us (thanks PinoyGourmet!).


At up to $500 per pound, Kopi Luwak which originates from Indonesia is the Rolls Royce of coffee. Believe it or not, this coffee is made from the poop of the civet cat. Oh yeah, these beans passed through the digestive system of the mammal.

You can get Kopi Luwak in Metro Vancouver. It is available in Spice Island Indonesian Restaurant … at $60 per cup (see their menu here; )!! Updated: 6th Nov 2014; the websiste no longer exist.


Then Carol heard about my quest for the Kopi Luwak, she gave us as a gift her precious 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee to us (thanks Carol!).

So with these two samples, Suanne and I invites you to join us in a fun blind tasting event. We have found someone who is willing to host this event and will also throw in a more common Italian branded coffee, Illy. Would you want to join us in this fun blind tasting event? For free!!

If so, read on …

Here is the plan:

The event will be held at about noon on this Saturday (June 5th 2010). We will be meeting in the Cabin 5555 Taiwanese restaurant (on West Boulevard and W39th) for lunch. Lunch is pay your own, of course. This lunch is optional if you don’t want to join us. We will meet at the restaurant at 11:30AM.

After lunch, we will adjourn to Vivo Gelato (on West Boulevard and W38th) for the coffee tasting. I think we will be there by 1:00PM or so.

I want to set expectations up front. This is a fun event. The Kopi Luwak we have are not the $500 a pound variety but it is Kopi Luwak.

Although I don’t think a lot of you would be signing up (definitely not like the responses we had for the 8GTCC events), we have limited coffee beans only. So in order that everyone gets to participate in the tasting, we can only accommodate 12 people.

So, no charge for the coffee tasting but it’s your own tab for the lunch at Cabin 5555.

If you are interested, please send an email to Suanne ( and tell her the following:

  • The number of people in your party
  • Your cell number (for purpose of coordination on the day)
  • If you are attending the lunch or not.

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  1. Pinoy Gourmet

    Hi Ben
    Looks like it is finally pushing through,See you there and for the readers,The Cafe Alamid or Filipino for Cafe Luwak was bought in a high end place with all the proper processing and controls,It is safe to drink.

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