Guess Who Is Opening Across the Street from the Richmond Brighouse Station!

We were out for dinner tonight.

As I was driving along No 3 Road and nearing the Richmond-Brighouse Skytrain station, Suanne suddenly told me that “They are finally opening. The sign is up today”.

“Huh? Who? What? Where?” I asked, knowing how random she sometimes gets.

She then went on to tell me about the time she heard the waitress of our favourite restaurant talking about opening a new restaurant in the prime location across the terminus station.


“Take out the camera. Quick.”, I told Suanne.

She whipped the camera out with double quick time … you know, like cowboys whipping out their pistols from the holsters in a gun duel.

I wound down the window for her … and slowed to a crawl … with the car behind me honking me …

… and she had to take the picture above. Sigh.

“Take another one” I said … and …


… Suanne took another picture.

“It’s no good, honey” she giggled.

*roll eyes*


So I got to turn into the parking lot next door so that we can get a better picture.

There you go … Kam Do is opening an outlet here. But I think it’s going to be a bakery and not a full fledge restaurant. Well, the sign says Kam Do BAKERY.

We like Kam Do. Our boys like Kam Do a lot. Great value for money because the serving is huge and the food is pretty decent. We like it so much that we blogged about them three times already:

Yeah, they were all four years ago but we went back many times. We just did not bother to blog about it anymore.

I wonder when they will be throwing open the doors. Anyone has any insider info?

12 thoughts on “Guess Who Is Opening Across the Street from the Richmond Brighouse Station!

  1. Why isn’t Kam Do Bakery open yet? Does anyone know when it will be open? I have been waiting and waiting. I don’t want to drive all the way to Alexander road, parking is a hassle there.

    • Hi Mario: Yeah, it is really strange that Kam Do is still not opened yet. There had been no activity on that lot. I wonder what issues they are dealing with now. Ben

    • Hey Eric: We went to Kam Do (the restaurant on Alexandra) to pick up some old-wife pastries today. We asked them when the Kam Do Bakery on No 3 Road will be opened. They told us that it will be two months … and added “at least”. Sounds like it will be a long wait. Don’t hold your breath. Ben

    • Hi Eric: No, the new Kam Do Bakery on No 3 Road is not opened yet. We drove past that location yesterday and it looked the same with the windows papered over. Ben

  2. Another eatery opening up near the Canada Line station. Pretty soon that area will be called Alexandra Road South. This is good for me. Its closer to my house. I just hope they have plenty of underground parking.

  3. Hi Ben, Yes, this is going to be a bakery as we had the opportunity last Mar to bid on the reno. Alas! They found us too expensive….LOL!! I like their “loh-po-piang”.

  4. We enjoy Kam Do as well. Not sure when they’re opening, but it’s nice to know there will be another location. Richmond could use some more HK style cafes!! LOL!

  5. Haha – good thing you had a navigator! I don’t know how many times I’ve scared myself while driving scoping out a new restaurant opening.

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