Celsius Cafe on No 3 Road, Richmond

Updated 16th Jan 2011: This restaurant had been closed.

When I was in my teens, I was quite a big eater.  I eat the whole day round.  And once in a while, I would rouse my late father up in the middle of the night to ask him to take me out for supper.  Middle of the night as in 2AM!  My dad would always take me out for late night suppers, without fail.

For the first time, Nanzaro pestered me to take him out for supper.  At least it was not 2AM in the morning because there is no way I would take him out.  Still it was late at 10:30 PM and well past his bedtime.  It’s the summer break anyway, so we allowed the boys to sleep late.


The Celsius Cafe is located on No 3 Road in the quiet strip mall between Leslie and Alexandra.  Actually, Celsius used to be the Montreal Roosters Quarters.


Celsius opens till really late at night.  On weekends, it closes at 1AM.  Even on weekdays, it opens until midnight.  So, if you are looking for a late night meal in Richmond, here is one for you.

Celsius must have opened not too long ago, maybe about a month or two only.  The place was really busy even at 10:30PM.  It was dim and what I did not like was that it was also noisy … very noisy.  There is a table behind us that was totally drunk and talking so loud at each other, it was like they were in an argument.  That gave us a less than positive first impression that this is more a bar than a cafe.  Maybe it was just our luck that we had to sit next to some drunks that night and it’s not indicative of how it is usually.

So we got seated … they gave us the menu … and we waited, and waited for the drinks.  I mean, usually in a place like this they would serve water or chinese tea.  But they did not.


So, I asked our waitress … “can we have a glass of water, please?”.

Guess what … she literally brought us a glass of water, just ONE, for me.  Suanne, Nanzaro and I looked at each other just surprised.  Moreover the glass is such a small glass.  We do find our waitress distracted and was not thinking straight.  Maybe she was having a hard time dealing with the next table … I think so.


The front page of their menu has the “Noodles Combo Mix and Match”.  It has to be their specialty.  Here you get to choose the combination of noodles, soup base, and two choices of toppings for just $8.  It is always fun to make up your own noodles.  Although the menu stated that this is only available up to 10PM, they still took our orders.


Since this late night supper is mainly for Nanzaro, he gets to pick the Combo.  I must say he chose a good combination.  He selected:

  • Spicy Hot Soup
  • Mixed Seafood
  • Cuttle Fish Ball, and
  • Udon

The bowl of mixed seafood included mussels, prawns, and squid and topped with sesame seeds.  Oh gosh … this was super … SPICY!


Even though Nanzaro can really eat hot and spicy food, he could not stand the heat in this bowl.  I would describe this as so spicy that it is choking.  If you like pain, this is what you should order!

Celsius serves this in a choice of super hot, hot and mild.  We asked for just hot and yet we could not stand it.  I shudder to think of how hot is super hot.  This noodle is not too bad really even though it was super hot.


Milk Tea was $2 extra with the noodles combo.  Nanzaro had the chocolate milk tea … just perfect to water down the hot chili.


Suanne and I did not want to eat before bedtime but at the same time we did not want to just order one bowl of noodle for our party of three.  So Suanne and I shared the $6 Marinated Minced Pork on Noodles.  It is a really simple dish … just noodles, minced pork and julienned cucumber.  It is simple but tasty.

Remember I said our waitress seems distracted?  Well, she just gave us a pair of chopsticks for the noodles — no spoon.  One would have expected that they provide a spoon for noodles.  Moreover, without a spoon, it is almost impossible to eat the minced meat.

The noodles is just $6.


Maybe it was just a bad night and we picked a bad time to visit.  Our experience was less than stellar at Celsius.  The bill came up to just under $16.70  … by next year when HST the Hated Sales Tax is introduced in BC, this bill will show $17.80.

BTW, did you notice the logo on the bill?  LOL!  They were still using the old receipts from Rooster’s Quarters with the old GST number.  I think it is owned by the same people.

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  1. Adelaide

    2am….AND YOUR DAD WOULD TAKE YOU!??!?! That is so funny. 🙂

  2. Canido

    lolz on using the receipt from Rooster’s Quarters.

    I was there a couple of weeks ago and didn’t notice the receipt at all.

    When I went, it was really quiet and we barely got any service even though we were the only ones there. But they were very polite to us and ensured that our meals tasted okay.

  3. not impressed

    Can’t tell you why I know.. but yes, it is owned by the same people as Rooster’s Quarters.

    I was not impressed by their drinks or food at all. The drinks are way overpriced, given the quality & quantity.

  4. DylanK

    Man, I always get good service! Like, from restaurant staff in general! I’m also not shy to walk out at the first whiff any kind of sourness or neglectfulness or I-hate-my-life-please-leave-I-don’t-want-to-serve-you-seriously-go-away-type vibe. But it’s pretty rare. I always give Chinese joints some extra leeway– there’s a certain style to getting good service in a Chinese restaurant. I actually like it! Most of the time, I know I’m gonna be left alone and if I need anything, I just need to ask. Another thing: I think, a lot of the time, some of the coldness and awkwardness with waitstaff is due to language. Some of it is a universal sourness but language is part of it, some of the time. Some of that awkwardness and coldness quickly evaporates if you can credibly speak their language, which, of course, isn’t possible for everyone!

    That’s just, you know, in general. Celsius, though…. I’ve been there before, but I was there tonight, so I thought I’d mention it, and I saw you mention the service, so I thought I’d mention that, too. They have the service thing squared away now, I think. Maybe they read Chowtimes. They had an obvious system, with one dude patrolling half the place and another girl patrolling the other half. Not a big room, so it was all good. Everyone was chatty and checky and I tipped good.

    It was loud in there, dudes playing dice games and whatnot, which is cool. They stayed open until everyone was cool with heading out, too, which I dug. I’ve actually only been there pretty late at night, so I’m not sure on the daytime vibe. Must be a little more mellow.

    What’d I eat? Some deepfried smelt, salty sour cucumbers, dumplings in chili sauce, peanuts, some wings, just snacks. I was sucking down Chivas and green tea, though: Celsius call it 绿野仙踪 but I call it mother’s milk. Mmmm.

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