Chicago Day 4: Adler Planetarium

After breakfast, we picked up our Hop On Hop Off (HOHO) tickets from Hilton Palmer. We took the HOHO bus to the northeast tip of Northerly Island where Chicago’s Museum Campus is located.


Our first destination is the Alder Planetarium.


Alder Planetarium is named after it’s founder, Max Adler. This is America’s first planetarium, founded in 1930.


There was a Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads exhibition at the boulevard leading to the planetarium during our visit. It’s courtesy of the artist Ai Weiwei.


The rest of the zodiac. One is missing though.


Spiral galaxy sculpture by John David Mooney outside the planetarium.


We watched a 3D show about the universe. The show unveils the immense size of the universe and it brings to the realization of how minute we are.


The Clark Family Welcome Gallery with LED lit fabric and aluminium structure is the gateway to the Grainger Sky Theater.


One of the exhibits in the planetarium is the Mission Moon which include various moon explorations.


A rock from moon on display.


A Segway Tour group seen by “Man Enters the Cosmos” bronze sculpture outside the Planetarium.

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