Caring Place Christmas Potluck 2010

I’m posting this first ahead of the older kitchens because I want to get the Christmas spirit going. Otherwise, this post will only appear in Feb, way after Christmas. The Caring Place Community Kitchen ended the 2010 session with a potluck as usual.


9 members attended this potluck. We had dishes from Korea, Ukraine, Philippines, France, HongKong and Malaysia. Oops, I did not make a dish from Malaysia though.


We had a surprise celebration at the potluck. It was Minoo’s birthday and she baked herself a Porcupine German Cake. She should have let us know, we should be bringing a cake for her instead.


Minoo got the inspiration making this Porcupine Cake from her trip back to German this summer. Minoo told us that pastry and cake is big in German. Every family will at least consume 2 cakes a week. There are lots of pre-packed cake mixes in a box at the groceries stores there.


The Porcupine Cake is made of chocolate sponge cake that has been hollowed out to be filled with fresh banana and whipped cream and top with crumbs made from the hollow out cake. It was light and fresh tasting. We love this cake a lot.


Coincidentally, I also brought a Ponderosa Cake which is made with banana and chocolate chips.


Marian from the Philipines made some Teo Chew drummets marinated with five spices, hot sauce, anise, sugar, soy sauce, etc. She created this finger food for her children’s Christmas party. Marian also brought some home-made daikon and carrot pickles as appetizers. From Korea, …


… Ella made some gimbap and a spinach dip to go along with it.


Iryna from Ukraine made a Fish Salad. The fish salad has potatoes, egg, onions, carrots, salmon and mayo. What makes it interesting is the topping which is made with shredded egg yolk.


Vania brought a sago and taro pudding. This can be served warm or cold.


Joanna brought Stir Fry Vermicelli with beef and peppers. The vermicelli has a QQ texture and it is the Magu rice vermicelli from Jiang Xi province. When her husband visits or whenever she makes a trip back to Jiang Xi, they always bring back loads of the vermicelli. It’s a staple food for them.


Charmaine brought a surprise dish, more of a Chinese New Year dish. It’s lotus root and sweet potato sandwich with Nian Gao.  Charmaine bought some home-made Nian Gao from her patient. You dont normally find Nian Gao in Chinese groceries until it’s near Chinese New Year.


Cecile who grew up in France made some delicious lemon cake and brownies. We ended in sweet note as we had lots of desserts today.

The highlight of the potluck was when everyone sang a native language birthday song to Minoo.  It’s a great party with good friends and good food.


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