Chicken 101: Chicken Cutlet

This is the third and last of the Basic Food Skills workshops organised by the Richmond Food Security Society. The last workshop is chicken 101.


This workshop revisits how to debone a chicken which was covered in Stocks 101 workshop.


The above video was the demonstration by Ian Lai on how to debone a chicken.

Following the deboning demonstration, Ian proceeds to demonstrate …

how to debone chicken leg and make chicken cutlet out of it instead of using chicken breast which is twice more pricey than chicken leg.


Chicken-101-Chicken-Cutlet-2To debone the chicken leg, Ian made cuts near the bone and scrape the meat away from the bone.To pound the boneless chicken leg, wrap it in saran wrap and pound with a mallet. If you are using a flat mallet, you may slash the meat at several places to help the break up the meat. If the mallet is with protrusions, you can skip the slashing part.

Remember to remove the tendons which are chewy.

Tip: pounding chicken is good for anger management.

Chicken-101-Chicken-Cutlet-3You may fill the flattened piece of chicken leg with sausage, etc and roll and tie up for frying.You may stuff herbs under the chicken skins for extra flavour.

Instead of deboning the whole chicken leg, you can just debone the thigh part and fill the thigh with filling. The bone gives the chicken leg more flavour.

One stuffed chicken leg can easily feeds two people.

Chicken-101-Chicken-Cutlet-6Ian made a crumb with parsley and oats for coating the chicken cutlet. Do not substitute cilantro as cilantro gets soggy when processed. You may use any grains for the crust, just toast them first.For e.g. dry toast rice, grind using a coffee grinder has a nutty flavour and is good to coat scallop.
Chicken-101-Chicken-Cutlet-7When pounding meat for cutlet, make sure it’s even in thickness.Season with salt.
Chicken-101-Chicken-Cutlet-8Dip in milk or water; just to wet the meat so that the crumbs will stick.
Chicken-101-Chicken-Cutlet-9Sprinkle with crumbs evenly. If you place the meat in a plate of crumbs, you have to toss away leftover crumbs due to contamination.
Chicken-101-Chicken-Cutlet-10Due to the meat has been pounded very thin and hard to flip over, you may place another cutting board over the meat and flip both cutting board over in order to coat the other side of the meat with crumbs.
Chicken-101-Chicken-Cutlet-11The pan must be hot but not smoky. To test the pan if it’s hot enough, sprinkle a drop of water and the droplet should splatter.When frying the cutlet, you need more oil than normal, about 1/4 cup. Use a good quality olive oil for this purpose.

Fry 2 to 3 minutes until golden brown on one side.

Chicken-101-Chicken-Cutlet-12Flip over and fry for another 2 to 3 minutes.  The chicken cutlet will hardly shrink because the pounding had broken up all the connecting tissues.One cutlet can easily makes 2 to 3 sandwiches.

You can call this schnitzel or scallopini.

Chicken-101-Chicken-Cutlet-20To make a sauce for the chicken cutlet, add some flour to the same frying pan with the left over oil from frying the chicken cutlet to create a rue. Add chicken stock, a little at a time, until the preferred consistency is acquired.
Chicken-101-Chicken-Cutlet-21The sauce will taste like chicken as it’s made with chicken stocks and oil from frying the chicken cutlet.

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  1. Praveena

    Ooooh this is a very yummy looking chicken meal :D. I am so gonna try this when I have the time!
    Also, it’s called a “roux”, not rue, for the sauce. Although I can see how it could have been spelled wrong, I wouldn’t have know if it weren’t for my cooking class 🙂

    1. Suanne

      Hi Praveena, thank you for doing the spell check for me. I had corrected it.

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