South Arm Christmas Potluck 2010

The South Arm Community Kitchen ended the year with a Christmas potluck. Minoo also invited members from other kitchens to this potluck.


Among those who came are members from the South Arm Community Kitchen, the South Arm Cooking Club for Seniors, The Gilmore Park Church Community Kitchen and the Caring Place Community Kitchen. There were members from the current kitchens, ex-members and also potential new member.


Needless to say, we had a lot of food to share. The above are the savoury spread of goodies.


We also had a good spread of desserts, my favourite.


It’s a season of celebration and we wished everyone a happy holiday and a great new year ahead.  Here are more on the food.


There were 2 meatball dishes. On the left was from Lorna which was stir fried with celery. On the left was  holiday meatballs from Jane of the senior kitchen.


For rice dishes, on the left, Terumi made California Roll and on the right. Emily W made steamed sticky rice with shiitake mushrooms, Chinese sausage and dried shrimp. There is another sticky rice dish from Ada which I missed to take photo.


Vanessa (ex-coordinator of South Arm Community Kitchen) made Kimchi Wild Salmon Fried Rice and a big pot of Bean Curd Egg Swirl Gingko Nut Dessert Soup.


There were more dessert soups on the table. On the left was Taro and Tapioca Dessert Soup made by Peggy. It has some little tang yuan (sticky rice ball) in it which was very appropriate for the day since it was Tongzhi (mid winter festival) for the Chinese.  On the right was a 8 treasures porridge from Julie, ex-member of South Arm Community Kitchen. According to Julie, there were more than 8 treasures in the porridge which includes red dates, goji berries, peanuts and lots of beans.


For vegetarian dishes, on the left, Peggy made a vegetarian stir fry of black fungus, carrot, pressed tofu and vegetarian meat. On the right, Lorna made a Daikon Stew.


We had quite a few of noodle dishes. On the left was fried vermicelli with prawns from Vicky. On the right was Magu Vermicelli topped with meat sauce from Joanna.


Julie also brought another dish which is stir fry vermicelli topped with meat sauce and green onions on the left. On the right was a Northern Cold Appetizer (Liang Parn) from Lily which is lightly vinegarish.


For something none Asian, Jean, ex-coordinator of the Gilmore Park Church Community Kitchen made Devilled Eggs.


At last, desserts. I made a Chrysanthemum Longan Goji Berry Jello. I adapted the recipe from here by substituting osmanthus with chrysanthemum, dried longan with can longan and some minor changes to the type of jelly powder and sweetness.


Betty made mochi filled with red bean paste and coated with shredded coconut while Emily W also made some mochi and Chestnut Mini Buns.


Marian made a Filipino dessert called Suman which is sticky rice with coconut milk and sugar wrapped in banana leaf and boiled/steamed.  On the right, Venus made a Red Beans Coconut Jello.


Lastly, Vivian brought a Bumbleberry Crumble Pie. I also missed out a photo of Egg Tart topped with peach made by Cedric which you can see from the spread of dessert on the front page.

It’s a great potluck with good food and good friends. We look forward to meet again next year.

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  1. Zoe

    Wow Wow Wow!!! All the food looks so delicious. I’m really keen on learning how to make Lily’s Northern Cold Appetizer. So curious! Possible post one of these days? The goji berry jello looks divine.

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