Coming in Spring To a Place Near Me

I had given up all hope already. I had been waiting and waiting for the past six month that I don’t even care to ask anymore.


Today I went to Shanghai House to make reservation for a dinner I am organizing. As I was walking along No 3 Road, I thought I saw something different across the street. The windows right under the red signboard were … brighter.


I took a closer look. I saw people milling around. There was activity.

But we waited and we waited and we waited. We even went to the mothership and asked them for a date of opening. Not just once. Several times. All we ever got as an answer ranges from “oh it will be soon” to “two more months”.

After six months, we stopped asking. Maybe the mothership ran out of money or something like that.

But this afternoon, the doors were thrown opened. There were shipment of equipments going into shop lot with the papered up windows.


I am a busy body. Suanne always says that I am a busy body. So, I crossed the street to find out what is going on.

I saw some ovens already in place but the inside were still largely empty.

Two middle aged women were standing outside. They wore expensive clothing and all dolled up. I assumed that they own this place or something. So I walked over and told them that I had been waiting for six months already. I asked if they are finally opening. They were happy to hear what I said. They laughed.

Yeah, Kam Do is going to open in March. It is widely know that this will only be a bakery … unlike the mothership which is both a restaurant and a bakery.

When I remarked that it is a huge space for a bakery, they told me it will be both a bakery and a workshop. Workshop? I wanted to ask more but I can see they were beginning to feel uncomfortable with all my questions. LOL!

So there you go … it will just be a few more short weeks and you can grab a lo-poh-bang (wife biscuits) before you hop on the Skytrain on the way to work.

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  1. Crispy Lechon

    I have also been anticipating their opening. Every time I drive by there I always check if they’re opened already. Too bad there wont be a cafe. I wonder what their workshop would be. Hmmm.

  2. Nancy L

    Hmmm. Workshop. What could that be?

    1. Marike

      My guess is it’s just a kitchen to mass produce goodies for the mothership and maybe new products or distribution. ^^

      1. Ben

        Hi Marike: Oh, I sure hope Kam Do will have more products than what they normally make in their restaurant. Bolo-bau … someone gotta make one that beats Lido’s. I hope at least they have small tables and chairs and serve dai pai dong beverages together with their baked products. I hope to see such a setup (HK Style Coffee Shops) built next to a Starbucks. That would be interesting. Ben

  3. mo

    maybe a special brownie workshop… O_o

  4. Donna Eng

    I have never heard of Kam Do (don’t go out to Richmond often) but do like lo-poh-bang. Now I have a reason to go. Great investigative work ;o)

  5. HM

    By workshop, they probably meant “production” site. If they are scheduled to open in March, then it has taken them over a year to finally get this place ready for business!

    1. Ben

      Hi HM: Yeah, I am busybody … I am curious why it took Kam Do so long to get going after securing the prime site and putting up the signboard. I hope some insider can start a gossip here. Ben

      1. HM

        Ben, as far as I know, the site (in fact the whole building) belongs to the partners of Kam Do (I reckon it’s the 2 well-dressed ladies you saw – the 2 ladies in their Fairchild TV commercial). They could therefore afford to take their sweet time in setting up the business as they are the landlords! Now, it seems I got the gossip started, but dare not say more on the inside scoop in case I get sued for slandering…lol!!

        1. Ben

          Hi HM: That figures! No wonder they took so long to set the bakery up and that location is a prime spot too. No many people would be able to afford opening a bakery in a location like that. Thanks for the inside info. If in case you feel like spilling more beans, please feel free to do so. There are lots of willing ears. 🙂 Ben

  6. Elaine

    it will just be a few more short weeks and you can grab a lo-poh-bang (wife biscuits) before you hop on the Skytrain on the way to work. <<< good idea!

  7. Eric

    Hmm…its already been 2 weeks into March.

    1. Ben

      Hi Eric: Yeah, I had been eyeing kam Do’s bakery opening too. I did see that they installed some chandeliers (!) inside. Wow … first time I see chandeliers in a bakery. LOL! Ben

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