Opening Soon: Shanghai Fusion Restaurant in Richmond

Let’s see if this sort of post works.

I had been seeing quite a number of restaurant openings (and closures too) around Richmond. So I thought I should make “opening soon” posts of new restaurants. That way, we can all share information, gossip and other juicy information about these restaurants.

I am going to post three new restaurants I came across in Richmond this weekend. This is the first of three.


Many of us who live in Richmond knows about the location of the Shanghai Fusion Restaurant. This is located on Empire Center. This location is where West Lake and Pho Viet (both Vietnamese restos) used to be. [Note: West Lake has moved to this new location].

The signboard looks simple and it does seems like a low budget kind of place. Frankly I am not excited about the word “Fusion”.  I wonder what Fusion means … is it fusion of Chinese cuisine or a fusion of eastern-western cuisines.

I can’t read Chinese but I think the Chinese name of this restaurant … may provide a clue to this question. However, I can’t see the word “Shanghai” in the Chinese version of the restaurant name.


I was there today (on February 26th, 2011) and the windows are still papered over. I peeked in between the papers. There are tables and chairs and there is a person working (not construction) inside alone. It does seems like it will only be a matter of days or weeks before they open.

About the small sign above that says “More Customer Parking at Upper” … that is puzzling. Does it mean the multi-storey parking across the the mall? Anyway, that sign is not going to do much help because by the time people see that sign, they would have already parked their car.

Anyone knows about this place?

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  1. Eat. Travel. Eat!

    If I read the characters correctly (the smaller font) it says “Jiang Nan Mei Si”- or Jiang Nan style food. Someone correct me if I’m wrong!

  2. DylanK

    Chinese name is 滬之星 Hù zhī xīng… Shanghai Star, I guess. An old name for the Suzhou Creek/Wusong River that runs thru modern Shanghai was 滬瀆…. And yeah, the subtitle says 江南美食 Jiāngnán měishí. Did Richmond really need another Shanghainese place? What is this, the sixth, seventh?

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