My Lunch: Fishy Saucey Soup Noodles from Trung Nguyen Cafe

Down to the wire!

That’s what work was like the past couple of weeks. It had been intense dealing with all the new issues and last minute activities. Yeah I enjoy these sort of situations LOL. But it leaves me all drained at the end of the day.

I pushed people to perform. I press buttons. I also step on toes. That is what I do to get results. After spending a few hours trying to swat an issue with four separate teams … phone calls, instant messaging and emails … with a lot of questions raised with every one answered. I understand people gets alarmed when they don’t feel in control.

Out of the blue, came an email that was totally unexpected. Just a few simple words “… I understand. And you are doing a great job Ben …”.

It meant a lot when such a senior person sends a feedback with everyone in cc. Good to know that am in the right track dealing with complex and difficult issue. That was what I needed. 🙂

I was planning to work through lunch but with that email, I think I better just take a break, chill out and just enjoy a bowl of noodle.


Glad I came out. It was such a gorgeous day today. It does feel like spring. Crisp air. Stopped the car to take pix above.

Yeah. Decided to drive a bit to get away from it all for a while.


Been here before. Just did not blog. Place is called Trung Nguyen Cafe on … Kingsway and Knight.


Everyone speaks Vietnamese except me. A lady customer saw me take the picture above and spoke to me in Vietnamese. I told her I only understand English. She can’t speak English. Too bad or would love to have someone to chat with.


Ordered the same dish I did last time. Very strong fishy noodle soup. It is Seafood Fish Sauce with Vermivelli Soup. $8.50. Tax included. Good eh?


Cute small teacup. Smaller than Chinese types. Pretty good. Not like some that are like colored water.


Not just bean sprouts. Mint and banana skin or trunk thingy. Authentic right? Things like this can make it a foodie destination.


Pungent!! Might smell strange to some. Took a sip. Awesome. My kind of food. Really rich. Fishy. From small fish the server said. Anchovies is what I think he meant.





Lots of stuff. Very pleased. But the soup was what this is really all about. The other ingredients made it all the better. Noodles is thick Viet style vermicelli.

If you are bored with Pho, this is what you must try.

That’s it guys. I got to eat before it gets colder.

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  1. wyn

    Kind of looks like Assam Laksa that I last had in Toronto and dream about. I’m all behind having fish broth while out now since it’s one of the last things I could make at home but won’t make at home. Namely the noodles in fish broth at iCafe, and tomato and pumpkin fish broth at Cattle Cafe. But this fish broth is evil-looking and green, which is entirely special.

    1. Ben

      Hi Wyn: Although (Malaysian) Asam Laksa uses fish, it is different from this Fish Sauce Soup Noodles. Asam Laksa uses sardines while this Vietnamese version uses “small fish” (anchovies). So yeah, I consider then quite different dishes … both equally good. Ben

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