A walk in Stanley Park and breakfast at Green Lemongrass, Kingsway

On the morning of the Scotia Bank Half Marathon, we had to drop off Nanzaro at the UBC Thunderbird Stadium early in the morning. After that, we decided to drive down to Stanley Park for a morning walk.


It was a beautiful morning and the view of Jack Poole Plaza was stunning.


Postcard like view.


After the walk, Ben drove along Kingsway to look for a place for breakfast. Since it was just over 9:00AM, there is not much choice. We ended up with Green Lemongrass which opens early. There was a table of customers watching one of the FIFA World Cup match. Chinese tea was served.


Ben had a Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup for $9. It has artificial crab meat, shrimp, squid and some sort of Vietnamese ham. It was a quite spicy and appetizing.


The usual accompaniments at Vietnamese Restaurant but Green Lemongrass also included Thai chili.


I had a Duck Salad with Vermicelli Noodle Soup Combo. The dressing for the duck salad was very good, sour and spicy.


The vermicelli noodle soup is a simple broth with bamboo shoot and pork blood. I like the ginger in it which gives it a kick.


It was definitely a very heavy breakfast. In fact we had to skip lunch.

Green Lemongrass 香茅屋 on Urbanspoon

Here are more of the photos of beautiful Vancouver.






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