My Lunch: Cattle Cafe on Kingsway, Burnaby

Let’s see … 47 hours more to go before the project I am working on goes live. Whew. There was lot of last minute issues that we still have. Very busy since 5AM this morning. Helping the team keep calm and focus their attention to the most crucial ones is what I am gonna do. At this stage a few balls will be dropped but the team worked their butts off already. They are all committed to give their 101% and that is I can ask for. Time to let go and let the team weave their magic. All they need is for me to let them do their job … and to trust them to pull through. Am swinging into the “protect the team” mode.


I just shot off a “48 Hours: The Readiness for RE030 Cutover” email as an update to management. Complex delivery with 8 teams to coordinate. Time to chill for the next hour or so. I can’t go far from my desk and so just went to Cattle Cafe. This place is just 2 minutes walk away.


This places sways busy during … lunch time. Always a wait. But it clears fast. You need to leave your name in the counter book.

I did not have to wait long. Got a table for 1 instantly. Bigger party got to wait.


No fuss this time. Just got Laksa. I asked for ramen instead of the standard rice noodle. Wish they have egg noodle. Laksa is great with egg noodles. Good deal for just $7.50 with a drink.

I always get the laksa. I also like the $9 Cajun Chicken with rice. Also known as African Chicken.


They are efficient but given the crowd, you gotta be patient here. Either that or come at a slower time.

It is also bustling. I want to say noisy which it really is but maybe bustling is a kinder word. Some times I can’t win. If I say noisy some gets offended that I crtiticize their fav resto. If I say bustling, they say I am hiding something. You just don’t know the emails I get. 🙂

Just can’t please everyone. Gosh! It sure takes long for the food to come. Can’t wait to get back to my desk! Been in here for almost 15 mins already.

Two guys next to me had the Cajun Chicken rice. Smells nice. Dare not ask them if I can take a pix of their plate.


Finally here. Color is an angry red which is a good sign. Means it is hot and it is. A bit on a light side unlike Malaysian style which is richer made by coconut milk. This will do.


I get a choice of two toppings. I had beef tendon and pig skin. Awesome type of meat. My fav.


Too much noodle. I knew I could not finish all the carb. I will concentrate on just the toppings and the soup.


Drink I had was hot milk tea. Sugar on the side. Two packets for me. Tea was not too shabby.

15 mins wait. 10 minutes typing on the iPhone. 5 minutes to gobble everything down. Got to run.

Gosh. 46 hours to go-live!

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  1. wyn

    Since discovering for myself the DIY noodles, I keep wanting to go back, try different soup bases until I’m done. I’ve been there three times a month which is a record for my repeat visits. The ramen looks quite good, like it would be kind of al dente and authentic. 🙂

  2. cmee8

    Hi Ben,

    Cattle Cafe seems busy no matter what time of day, so they must be doing something right. My usual is the tom yum with pig’s liver n intestines with vermicelli. Hold the cilantro n finished with a cup of hot horlicks. Even my Korean-Cdn hubby likes it n considers it comfort food as it’s similar to spicy Korean ramen.

    1. Ben

      Hi cmee8: If you remember this location was doing very badly until Cattle Cafe opens shop here. I do feel that they had taken significant lunch crowd from Lao Shan Dong next door. LSD used to have people lining out the door but such days are rare these days. It is Cattle Cafe that is pulling in the customers. Ben

  3. cmee8

    No kidding, Ben. It seems that LSD’s customers are the die-hard fans or overflow customers from CC that don’t want to wait.

  4. eatingclubvancouver_js

    Always busy at the Richmond location too, which has become one of my favourite lunch spots when I’m working in Richmond. I usually order either the dandan (peanut and chili broth) noodles OR Cajun chicken on rice — and lately, I’ve taken a liking to their Szechuan noodle broth. Enough of a “Szechuan” taste without being overpoweringly Szechuan. Of course, I also have an order of the egg waffles. And the hot HK milk tea.

    The food has gotten better at Cattle Cafe in the last few months that I can’t tear myself away to eat at Deer Garden upstairs. It’s the Mendy’s question: should I bother going to Deer Garden upstairs and risk my lunch or should I stay with Cattle Cafe where I know I’m going to get a good meal?

    Heard that they are opening a Vancouver location on Fraser Street, in the strip mall where the Fraser Flamingo was. Don’t know if they’re open yet though.

    1. Ben

      Hi JS: Yeah, Cattle Cafe does look like a very professionally managed company and am not surprised to learn from you that they are opening another outlet. Oh Dandan Noodles sounds really nice. I never had that before and will try that next time. Ben

  5. LotusRapper

    Went there for lunch yesterday (Wed). While my friends ordered soupy noodles or “western” options, I opted for the 3 types of cured meats on a bowl of steamed rice (found under the steam rice bowl section of menu). The bowl was fairly large, came with a lid on top where they also placed a small saucer of soy sauce. Opening the lid, there was 2 kinds of Chinese sausages (regular + liver), and Chinese cured-dried pork belly, mmmm. Some gai lan with oyster sauce was also included beside the meats. This all for $6.50, including a hot drink.

    I actually ordered a side dish of gai lan with oyster sauce (only $1.50) since I didn’t know there’d be greens already in my rice bowl.

    So all in all a good-valued meal. I like the option of comfort food like this, a good offering for days when you feel like having homey foods.

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