Rhino’s Kitchen at Lansdowne Mall, Richmond

Updated 3rd Oct 2014; This restaurant is closed.

Nanzaro told me that there is a new Hong Kong style restaurant in Lansdowne Mall. He saw that in a flyer while I’m not around town. But he cannot remember the name of the restaurant. I could not search any information about the restaurant since I do not know the name. However, Nanzaro said it’s part of the Top Gun group. So, I checked the Top Gun group website and still there is no information of any Hong Kong style restaurant. My guess is that the new restaurant must be at the old California Cafe location.


My guess is right on the dot. We went there on Saturday around noon and there was a line. The boys did not want to wait. So, we came back on Sunday just after their opening hour, 11:00am. We reached Rhino’s Kitchen at 11:15am and the manager told us there is a 20 minutes wait. Well, this time we waited.


Nanzaro is right about Rhino’s Kitchen belongs to the Top Gun Group. The above poster was displayed at the door. You can click on it to have a larger view. Being part of the Top Gun Group, I think the card holder will enjoy some kind of discount. Anyway, I’m not a card holder, so I do not know what is the discount like.


We waited for almost 30 minutes before we got a table. The restaurant is really busy. Apparently, it has just opened for a week. I overheard the manager chatting with a customer that the staff is not experienced enough to handle the crowd.

The partitions in the restaurant make it feel a bit cramp but it did create a bit of privacy instead a big open space. The wall is decorated with pictures of rhinos. I wonder what is behind the name Rhino. Anyone has any idea?


Unlike most Chinese restaurant which will serve hot tea without asking, here the server will ask if you want hot tea or ice water before serving. It’s a good practice so that we dont have to end up with two extra cup of hot tea which my boys dont drink. They always ask for ice water.


Rhino’s Kitchen has the typical Hong Kong style food. On top of that they also have the Build Your Own Noodle Combo for $7.25. You can click on the menu to have a larger view.


The above is the order sheet for the Build Your Own Noodle Combo and Rice/Spaghetti combo. You can click on it to have a large view.


Arkensen ordered an item from the Rice/Spaghetti Combo. He ordered the Baked Pork Chop Rice for $8.25. The combo came with …


a soup of your choice of cream soup or Boscht soup. Arkensen always choose cream soup. The cream of mushroom soup has bits of ham, corns and quite a bit of mushroom slices. Arkensen likes the soup. The baked pork chop rice has chunky tomatoes and a cheesy tomato sauce. Surprisingly, the baked rice came first. Usually, baked items will take the longest to arrive.


Nanzaro ordered a more expensive item. He is a more adventurous diner. He opted for a Grilled Duck Breast from the western menu. It comes with 2 side dishes. This item costs $15.95.


Nanzaro said his grilled duck breast is good. The meat is tender and slightly pinkish. The grilled duck breast is served with an orange sauce.


The sides that Nanzaro ordered with his meal is Fried Rice with Dried Scallop & Egg White and French Fries. Nanzaro said he can tastes the scallop flavour in the rice and he likes it. The french fries were not that good though as Nanzaro said it tasted stale.


My order of the Build Your Own Noodle Combo came last. The noodle combo is $7.25. My choice of soup is white pepper and pig’s stomach soup. It came with suey choy, shiitake mushroom and fish tofu which I presumed as the standard accompaniment. Of course, there is also pork stomach in the soup.


The combo allows you to pick 3 other ingredients. I had beef tongue, fresh tofu skin and enoki mushroom. I asked if Arkensen wanted to try the beef tongue because he commented that it’s gross to eat tongue but he refused to try. I told him that the tongue has the texture of meat but he said he cannot imagine himself eating cow’s saliva. He is funny at times.


I always had ramen noodle when I can pick the noodle. I like the texture of ramen which is not too soft. It was a big serving for $7.25.


For the noodle combo, I can order a hot drink for 0.75. I ordered a hot milk tea because when we came into the restaurant, I can smell the fragrance of tea. It is a strong milk tea which I like.


Rhino’s Kitchen accepts cash only.


Reservation is highly recommended especially during the new opening period and holiday season if you wish to visit this place.

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  1. Ben

    I think I am gonna have a tough time getting used to the price of eating out in Vancouver again. Gosh, is the Grilled Duck Breast rice really $16 … and that is before taxes and tips too? 🙂 How was the pig stomach soup noodle? Was it anything like how you make it at home?

    1. Suanne

      Yup, you are not going like you’ve been eating in Beijing. Dining out is much more expensive here. The pig stomach soup is ok but lack of pepper flavour.

      1. Ben

        OK, I know what I want when I get home — your home made pig stomach soup. Lots of soup with bird eye chilli and minced garlic!


    omgg rhinno hahahahaa. i need to try this place!

  3. mo

    is the top gun logo the rhino? i could be wrong, i was just thinking of the old top gun cafe in the old aberdeen located above the bowling alley and the image rhino popped into my head.

    1. Ben

      Hey Mo:

      You are right, now that you mentioned it. Take a look at this picture:

    2. LotusRapper

      Too funny 😀

      Actually their Chinese sign translates to: “New Rhino House”

  4. Li hui

    I tried out the baked pork chop rice. The portion is big and it is value for money. However, we are not impressed with the service especially the supervisor who made Improper comment when we asked for different kind of noodle in one of our selection. He said the chef wont allow one to simply change noodle for a few dollar item. I hope he has the same mindset when he receives lower tip.

  5. 4SlicesofCheese

    Took the family there last night, not sure if the owners are reading the reviews or comments online but they have definitely improved their service.

    I would go as far to say this was the best service I have received at a HK tea restaurant.

    The food was hit and miss, more hits then misses but we will be back for sure.

  6. June tan lin

    So what’s the story behind the name Rhino?

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