50 Most Delicious Food In The World: Have You Tried Them All?

CNN published an article of the World’s 50 Most Delicious Foods a few days ago. That article caused a bit of news in Malaysia because the Assam Laksa landed on spot #7.

And true to form, this sort of things rankled Singapore. Both Malaysia and Singapore had a bit of an exchange over the press on why Singapore’s Chili Crab (ranked #35) and Chicken Rice (#45) is ranked lower than the Assam Laksa (see here).


Frankly, although this is fun to read, I won’t take this list very seriously. While some of the food listed deserves recognition, there are some that is rather dubious. In particular, … ketchup is ranked #39 and popcorn is ranked #50.


So I took a closer look. I broke down the top 50 food into country of origin.

If the above is true, then the United States are truly the culinary destination of the world. So, it does not surprise anyone that this is a list of most delicious food from the American viewpoint. Not that it is any problem.

For me I had never tried the following:

  • #1 Massaman Curry, Thailand
  • #10 Chicken Muamba, Gabon
  • #19 Nam Tok Moo, Thailand
  • #20 Arepas, Venezuela
  • #24 Champ, Ireland
  • #25 Butter Garlic Crab, India
  • #29 Ohmi-gyu (wagyu) beef steak, Japan
  • #32 Ankimo, Japan

That is 8 dishes out of 50. Not bad. Of these, I would love to try the Indian Butter Garlic Crab. Does anyone know where to eat these in Vancouver?

As for #7 Assam Laksa (Malaysia), the only place I know where you could get it in Vancouver is in Penang Delight. I have not tried it in Penang Delight before and so I don’t know how good they are. Frankly, I think it is an overrated dish as there are definitely more Malaysian dishes that deserves a higher spot.

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  1. Elaine

    So…where’s Chinese food? Effing bogus.

    1. bill

      I agree! Where’s chinese food?

  2. Andy

    The list is pretty horrible…

    But by all means go have Ankimo, such wonderful food. Some of the Japanese places have it. Not always available but try places like Manzo and some of the higher end Japanese places.

  3. L.S.

    I can’t believe there are so few foods from Mainland China!!!

  4. Erica

    Beef Noodle Soup from Taiwan.

    1. Ivy

      Yeah!! And Stinky Tofu!

  5. Po

    For those that voted fish and chips, if you didn’t get it from a chippy in Britain it doesn’t count! I have yet to find somewhere that makes it correctly on this continent yet 🙁

  6. Pinoy Gourmet

    Ben Masamam curry is Muslim style curry in Thai Food,If you have tried the Malaysian curries of Northern Malaysia you can scrath Masamam curry of your list only 7 more to go?Sri Lankan Butter Crab Hmm JM’s Sri Lankan Cuisine???

  7. cmee8

    Hi Ben,

    Do u have to have eaten it in the country of origin for it to count in the voting?

    1. Ben

      Hi cmee8: No. You don’t have to have eaten those food in the country of origin for it to count in the voting. Ben

  8. Pinoy Gourmet

    Hi Ben,Thats nice to know,Since I score 26 within country But 44 in any country.Sri Lankan crab still searching in YVR.

  9. bill

    Yes, do you count those things like Fish & Chips, or Sushi that you can get elsewhere in the world but never tried it in the country of Origin? As for the list favouring American foods, pls remember, it is CNN that does the listing. SO it is mostly Americans that they polled. since when is French Toast a Hong Kong thing? Curious. As for the Malaysian and Singapore spat over the foods, whats new? They always argue over trivial things. Personally I love the Chicken Rice and CHilli Crab, and I like the Assam Laksa too. I think they are equal in the ranking but no matter, all are delicious.
    I will love to try out which I never did, the

  10. 4SlicesofCheese

    French Toast is from hong kong???

    1. Shmoo

      Hong Kong style french toast is slightly different from Canadian style french toast, in that it is stuffed and deep-fried. I haven’t tried it yet, but it always looks good in Ben and Suanne’s posts. 🙂

      From Wikipedia:
      “In Hong Kong, French toast[…] is made by deep frying stacked sliced bread dipped in beaten egg or soy, and served with a slab of butter and topped with golden syrup, or sometimes honey. Two slices are normally used and a sweet filling is usually added, either peanut butter, kaya, or more rarely, jam.”

  11. Aly

    I’m so glad poutine is on the list… I’m not well travelled, and though I try as much as I can in a lot of cultural categories, I certainly don’t claim to know the ‘best’ a country has to offer… but I certainly know poutine is delicious.

    But ketchup, really? Ick.

  12. Jean

    I can’t believe that ketchup tops over marzipan. How absurd. Some of the strange rankings for junk food shows limited/boring palate.

    Donuts are an off-shoot from beignets which are French doughnuts made with yeast. (That in turn has influenced southern German beignets.)

    I can’t claim to have tried alot of the listed stuff. When I go to a Thai restaurant I just order, eat and don’t really analyze/memorize the name of what I’ve eaten.

    Maybe the voters were American dominant. That’s what it appears to me..

  13. Nancy L

    Wow! I think I haven’t eaten only 3 things on that list. No wonder the restaurant owners are shocked about my food knowledge or know of the unique menu items. But I still wish I could say I have eaten everything on that list. I just want to know how many readers have eaten everything on that list.


    Where the hell is Pakistani chicken Biryani?!? I love me some curry.

    The list ain’t bad though. My mouth is watering

    1. LotusRapper

      You’d have to remember it was CNN who compiled the list ……

      1. Rachel

        Soooo true. I love Indiana and Pakistani food. Just not tooo spicy

  15. Tony

    It might not actually be in Vancouver , but they have excellent Assam Laksa at Tamarind Hill in New Westminster.

  16. Ben

    You must try rendang and satay! This food is delicous! You can found rendang in malaysia and jakarta(indonesia) and satay of course?!

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