Richmond Community Kitchens Christmas Potluck 2011

The Richmond Community Kitchens celebrated Christmas with a potluck at Gilmore Park Church. We are very grateful for the church to allow us to use their facility for this potluck.


Old, new and existing members and friends attended this potluck. Some of the members also brought along their kids since the kids are on their winter break. The more people the merrier.


We had a lot of food to share. The above are the savory dishes.


There were not many items on the dessert table. The cake is sponsored by Safeway as I was told.

The following were the wonderful dishes we had.


Betty made the above Chicken Salad and Cheese Mini Muffins.


I made layer cake, a Malay dessert and brought some candies from Beijing to share.


Emily bought a Pecan Pie from Costco to share as it was on sale. She also made a Bok Choy with Sausage dish and a Prawn Salad for the potluck.


Jean made a Potato Egg salad. Jean was a former community kitchen leader at the Gilmore Park Church.


Lucy and May made a Tofu dish and Pickled Cabbage respectively. I would love to learn how to make the pickled cabbage.


Terumi made California Roll while Tomoko made Chirashi Sushi to share. Terumi’s California Roll was a hit as many would like to learn how to make it, especially Emily.


Another favourite is Sonoko’s Inari. Minoo would like a demonstration of this in future kitchen. Inari is a great item for lunch box.


Humare brought Samosa which is served with a wonderful chutney. This is another item on the request list for demonstration in future kitchen.


Susan brought Kimchi Fried Rice.


Vanessa, another former leader of the South Arm Commmunity Kitchen made a big bunch of Tuna Sandwich Buns to share.


The above Shanghai vegetarian dish known as “Khaw Fu” is another dish that ended up on the request for demonstration list. This is made by Xin.


Winnie and Julie came together and brought two different Asian salad dish to share.


Emily’s friends, Cathy and Linda arrived late as they had a meeting prior to the potluck and they brought Egg Pizza as they called them to share. Emily did reserve food for them so they did not miss anything.

I had to apologize that I missed out a close up photo of a sesame coated glutinous rice ball filled with red bean paste brought by Sissi. But, you can see if from the dessert table photo.

As always, we had so much fun trying various food from different cultures. We wished everyone a very blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward for another year of learning and cooking together.

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  1. Jayda

    Oh …. everything looks so good! This is my favourite type of gathering. Everyone gets to contribute their favourite recipes and there is so much diversity. Your potluck meals are always very colourful and delicious looking. I wish I lived in Richmond.

  2. Trudy

    Is the Richmond Community Kitchen a charity/volunteer group?? I’m moving to Richmond and would love to find a volunteer group to join.

    1. Suanne

      Hi Trudy, here is a site for volunteering in Richmond; I understand that Minoo has assistants that are volunteers. I will ask her when the kitchen resumed in January.

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