Home Remedy for Cough

Spring is a love and hate season for me. I love the warmer and longer day. I love to see buds coming out from the ground and flowers start to bloom. However, this is also the season of allergy. I’m allergic to pollen and my nose will stuffed up and runny at times and my throat will be agitated by clear mucus. When these symptoms hit me, I will have sleepless night due to the cough caused by agitated throat.


I remembered Lorna told me of a remedy for cough with orange. I looked up the remedy from the internet and gave it a try. After a few times, it does help to ease my cough. There is no harm trying this because it’s just orange and salt. Orange is rich in Vitamin C and salt has antiseptic value.


  • 1 orange
  • pinches of salt


Home-Remedy-for-Cough-2Slice the top of the orange. Sprinkle orange with salt.
Home-Remedy-for-Cough-3Use a toothpick to secure the top of the orange back.
Home-Remedy-for-Cough-4Bring water to a boil in a steamer. Steam orange for 10 minutes.
Home-Remedy-for-Cough-5Let cool a bit. Use a sparing knife to loosen the pulp.

Eat the orange which is kind of sweet and salty with a hint of bitterness,

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  1. Huey Ng

    Swear by this….it works indeed!

  2. Lissa

    You know what worked for me recently? I didn’t believe my friend when she suggested this as she tried.

    Gargle with vinegar + some water. I did it twice (am & pm) for a day and my cough was gone.

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