Beijing Day 6: Lunch at Ay Chung

For day 6’s lunch, Ben brought me to one of his favourite place to eat. It’s a Taiwanese fast food kind of place.


Ben’s favourite is the Mee Shuah. It was vermicelli in thick broth. I remembered my late mum used to cook mee shuah for us when we were not feeling well when we were kids. I think it’s easy to digest.


The above is another popular Taiwanese dish, i.e. pork stew on rice. It’s a dish with lots of sauce (jhup) which Ben likes a lot. Look at those fatty pork belly.


We also ordered a pork rib soup to share. The pork rib was boneless and deep fried with some flour coating. The soup also has daikon and a few strands of cloud ear fungus. The above meal only came to RMB39 (about CAD6.50).

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