Beijing Day 6: Dinner in a Szechuan Restaurant in Oriental Mall

Day’s 6 dinner, we went to a Szechuan restaurant in the Oriental Mall. This restaurant has a very oriental feel to it.


The good thing about restaurant here is that they have a photo menu displayed at the restaurant front. You can browse through the menu before deciding to go in or not.


For drinks, I ordered a red dates drink (on the left). It was thick and mildly sweet. Red dates are good for blood circulation.


We ordered 3 dishes to share. For appetizer, we ordered some kind marinated meat and egg dish.


Our main dish is a called “Ma La Xiang Guo”. It’s a numbing spicy dish in a pot. It has various meat, vegetables and tofu in it. We simply love this dish.


To counter the spiciness of the “Ma La Xiang Guo”, we had a simple braised Suey Choy hearts with garlic. It came with some mung bean noodles in the center. It is slightly spicy. A well executed dish.

The bill came to RMB245 (about CAD41). It’s one of the more expensive meal that we had in Beijing.

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  1. John Thompson

    Nice post. Were the Suey Choy hearts serve hot or cold?

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