Beijing Day 7: Brunch at the foot of The Great Wall Badaling

After a day of rest, we were all ready for a new day of adventure. It’s going to be a day that is tiring but yet rewarding. Here we come, the Great Wall of China.


When Ben worked in Beijing in May 2011, he joined a day tour to The Great Wall. The day tour costs RMB 412. This time, Ben decided that we will go on our own. He did some research on  the internet. We took the subway to the Badaling bus station. Subway ticket is only RMB2 per trip. At the Badaling bus station, all the bus operators tried to get people to get on their buses. But we had to look for the right bus which is the above 919.


The bus ride was quite comfortable. It only costs RMB6 (CAD1) per person.


The bus ride was about an hour or more. At last we were at the foot of The Great Wall Badaling. The signage of the above photo is literary translated to “He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man”. I made it.


There were some shops and restaurants at the foot of Badaling. We decided to load up with carbo first before the gruel some climb. We had hot milk tea since it’s was a cold morning. I was a bit disappointed when the server brought out the instant tea cup. The instant tea was a bit too sweet.


Ben ordered a Beef Noodle Soup. One thing we noticed that the hand made noodle in Beijing is flavourful by itself.


I ordered a Beijing Ja Jiang Noodle. It was a simple dry mix noodle with julienne cucumber and carrots and bean sauce.


We also had some dumplings to share. The dumpling skin was quite thick and has a chewy texture. All the above was RMB81 (about CAD13.50). It was a decent meal in a touristy place. We were all set to walk The Great Wall.

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