Beijing Day 7: Dinner near The Drum Tower

After the walk at Houhai, we walked to the Drum Tower area to look for a place for dinner. I cant recall the name of the restaurant that we went in.


We ordered a few items to share. The first item is a stir fried noodle. It is stir fried with green beans.


The next dish is some kind of bean curd stir fried dish. It is stir fried with red and green peppers, green onions and chili. It is quite appetizing.


We also had some dumplings in two kind of sauces. The darker sauce is vinegarish.


A meat dish with chili garlic sauce. Not sure what kind of meat was that.


We had some pastries too. Now I forgot what was the filling. The meal above was RMB92.50 (about CAD15).


After dinner, we walked to a hutong buzzling with restaurants and shops. We had a couple of lamb skewers and Beard Papa cream puff for snacking before we headed home. What a long day.

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