Beijing Day 8: Lunch in Huixin

We woke up late on day 8 after a tiring day at The Great Wall. With the Olympic Village in mind for this day’s itinerary, Ben brought me to Huixin for lunch after skipping breakfast. Huixin is located north of Beijing near the 4th ring road.


This restaurant is divided into 2 sections, one section for more economical and fast food and another section for full menu. We were seated at the economy section as the other section was full but we ordered from the full menu.

The first item is a Chinese style pizza. The flat bread is topped with stir fried meat and vegetables. I prefer this over western pizza anytime as it’s less fatty without the cheese.


We also had lamb skewer for appetizer. The lamb skewer was very flavourful with the fat bits in the middle.


One of the vegetable dish that I like to order in Beijing is Wood Ear Stir Fry dish. I like the texture of the wood ear. It is simply fried with chili and pork belly.


We felt a bit adventurous to order a Donkey Cold Cut dish. It is served with chopped garlic and chili powder. The donkey meat is not gamey as I expected. It is very lean.


Our next meat dish is a Donkey Stew. This is a little spicy with leek and daikon. The meat is slightly chewy.


Ben ordered his favourite oyster soup. He loves to eat his rice with soup.


We were really full with the dishes that we had. But, we just cant skip dessert on the menu as they look so good. The above is a Papaya Dessert.


The Papaya Dessert is filled with some kind of jello.


The last dessert is a Cake Roll.


The Cake Roll has the texture of Rice Cake (Pak Thong Koh). Ben loves this a lot. The meal costs RMB193 (about CAD32).

After a very satisfying lunch, we took a taxi to the Olympic Village.

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  1. 3rensho

    The pork belly and cloud ear looks great. Two of my favorite ingredients. We eat donkey, adult horse and colts here in Switzerland. Donkey usually ends up in salami. Horse steaks are better than beef IMO. Most supermarkets carry horse and there are two horse meat only butcher shops in Basel. Don’t let Trigger know 😉

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