Beijing Day 9: Dinner

We kind of skipped lunch and just had some pastries and buns for snack as the noodles we had for breakfast was quite filling. We went out for dinner after we packed our luggage, ready for an early flight to Xian the next morning.


We went to this Sichuanese restaurant. We asked for a non smoking area but it’s of no effect as people still smoke whenever they like. That’s one habit that I find it hard to tolerate.


We had a salad for appetizer. I like the light vinegarish dressing and the peanuts adds crunchiness to it.


A lamb stew. This is great with steamed rice to soak up the soupy sauce.


Our favourite dish in Beijing, Ma La Xiang Guo.


My favourite vege dish, cloud ear stir fry wit chili and green onions.


Double boiled pork soup.


Lastly, a potato stir fry dish. This is also spicy. The meal was RMB213 (about CAD35).  We are all set for a journey to the old capital, Xian.

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  1. Jean

    Is it common that there is smoking in restaurants in the big Chinese restaurants? Aiyee, we just couldn’t stand that in Europe. It really ticked us off when we would go to ie. a gourmet dessert cafe bakery and try to find a bistro table outside, yet the smokers out there were bothersome! That was only 2 yrs. ago. We enjoy fine dining, but smokers really ruin the experience.

  2. Ben

    It’s supposed to be non-smoking in restaurants but many restaurants never reinforce it, particularly the traditional ones. The newer establishments does not have the problem but yeah, for this one it no one cared. When we went to Spain, I remember that the smoking situation is even worse and that too ruined our enjoyment.

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