Flying from Beijing to Xian via China Eastern Airline

We had an early flight from Beijing to Xian. We booked the flight and hotel stay for 4 nights via the internet for CAD$693.


The flight from Beijing to Xian is via China Eastern.


China Eastern Air Holding Company is one of the three largest major air transport companies in China. It’s headquarter in Shanghai and it’s major hubs include Xian and Kunming.


I had the window seat this time round since it’s just a short trip, 2 hours 15mins. For long haul flight, I prefer the aisle seat for the convenience of going to the washroom.


A bird’s eye view of Beijing from the air.


Since it’s an early morning flight, we were served breakfast.


The breakfast includes a wholewheat sesame bun filled with roast beef, …


… yogurt, marinated egg, celery and peanuts, …


… and plain congee. I did enjoy a Chinese breakfast like such. We did not finish our breakfast as Ben kept reminding me to save room for food in Xian.

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  1. Raven

    What luck – I found your post today (the same day you posted!) while searching for info on flights from Beijing to Xian. I’m from Seattle and will visit Beijing soon. I’d love to see Xian, too, and wanted basic flight info. You post is helping me already. 🙂 I look forward to seeing your posts from the city!

  2. cmee8

    Congee w celery? U are definitely not in Richmond anymore, Suanne!

  3. DonaldD

    I am not trying to advertise for anyone but FYI i always use for all my China travel booking, i can even book mine while I am still in Canada. they accept oversea credit card.
    I usually book the hotel after checking out the customer reviews and join the local tours from the hotel tour desk or travel agent nearby. This way I can choose the hotel that I want and still can control the travelling schedule. mind you the local tours only offer Mandarin speaking.

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