Kuala Lumpur Day 2: Snacks at Bukit Bintang

After attended to family matters, my sister-in-law dropped us at Berjaya Times Square. When I left Kuala Lumpur many moons ago, there is no Berjaya Times Square yet.


Since we were there in early February, the mall still had Chinese New Year decorations on.


The foyer of Berjaya Times Square. I used to work for one of the subsidiary of the Berjaya Group.


We stopped by Buddy Soy Smoothies in Berjaya Times Squares for some snacks. I had the soy pudding with gula Melaka (palm sugar). This was RM3.80 (about CAD1.30).  The soy pudding was smooth and not too sweet but the fragrance of the palm sugar made a great difference.


Ben had cendol for RM4.80 (CAD1.60).


While crossing a bridge from Berjaya Times Square to another building, we came across some hawkers selling street food.


We ordered a kerabu mango (mango salad) for RM5 (about CAD1.70). Ben loved the raw shallots in it. I’m salivating when writing this. The mango salad was sour and spicy.


We also ordered a Tom Yam koay teow. Another sour and spicy noodle dish. This was also RM5.


We then stopped by a road side stall which sells fried snacks. We bought two “cempedak goreng” to snack. I also wanted to have a “pisang goreng” (deep fried banana) but it was sold in 5. I told the hawker that I only want to try one and he is kind enough to give me one to try.

You can also eat the seed in the cempedak.

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  1. etranger

    I only spent a long weekend there, but I’d love to go back. The food was so good – I wish it was possible to get it here! It’s fun to see your pictures and read how much you liked it.

  2. Boy

    Hello there,

    May I ask where can I find the Tom Yam in the picture you posted above? It looks delicious and of course very cheap for KL standard. Been looking for it for some time. You mentioned you walked from Times Square to another building. Which building you were walking to?


    1. Suanne

      Hi Boy, the stall that sells the Tom Yam is on the walkway under the KL Monorail, Imbi Station, if I have not mistaken. If not, then it has to be the Bukit Bintang station. The place is so new to me now that I’m pretty confused of the locations.

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