Kuala Lumpur Day 11: Steamboat Dinner

Ben and I had steamboat (hotpot) dinner with his niece and nephews. It was a rainy night and the restaurant was full of customers. Hotpot is good for cold weather.


We had a double soup pot (also known as yin yeong). Half of the pot with spicy soup and the other half not spicy. One thing special here is you can have another pot of congee.


The huge gas tang was a little intimidating especially sitting next to it.


Some of the items for our hotpot. The beef slices did not look good, too thick and the colour looked weird. The fried vermicelli and deep fried Chinese donut are for the congee.


Tofu, various fish ball items, artificial crab meat, dumpling, vegetables, deep fried tofu skin, etc.


The soup boiling away. I found that the spicy soup always boils faster than the non spicy one.


Here’s the congee pot. First to go in is the deep fried vermicelli.


Fresh fish fillets for the congee and also the soup. Here you order what type of fish you want. The restaurant will fillet the fish for you.


Fresh prawns for the hotpot. The prawns were still jumpy when the server get them to the table.


It was a fun dinner listening to all the updates from the kids.


Ben had an ice sour plum drink to cool himself down from the heat of the hotpot.

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