Atlanta Day 5: Fern Bank Museum of Natural History

Since we still have some time to kill before Ben’s meeting, we utilized one of the ticket in the Atlanta city pass to pass time. We went to the nearby Fern Bank Museum of Natural History.


Apparently, Atlanta used to be a land of dinosaurs.


The Great Hall exhibits the Giants of Mesozoic. One of the dinosaur is so big that our camera cannot capture the whole view.


The view of the head of the dinosaur from the third floor.


More dinosaurs in A Walk Through Time in Georgia.


A World of Shells exhibit.

We watched a show called “Rescue” in the IMAX theater. It’s a show about the rescue operation after the Haiti earthquake. It featured US air force jumbo jet, helicopter, ships and personal planes transporting food, water and medical supplies to Haiti while transporting the injured out of Haiti.


The third floor has a small science exhibits. This section is more for school children.


Playing the kiddy stuff.


Making giant bubbles.

Lastly, there is also a Cultural exhibit with display of costumes, jewelry and head gear which symbolize various status, e.g. marital, occupational, rank, religious, group, ethnic, etc.

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