Atlanta Day 5: Dinner at OK Cafe

Ben had dinner with some of his colleagues after the meeting in the afternoon. I just tag along. Ben’s boss decided to have dinner at OK Cafe.


We started with some appetizers. The above was fried jalapeno grit with a cheesy sauce.


Sweet potato fries with blue cheese dipping sauce. We also had fried pickled chips with Ranch dip. (no photo).


Ben had Fried Cat Fish for his main. It came with two sides; Squash Souffle and Marinated Cucumber. It was on special that night.


I also ordered a special of the night; Spicy Chicken Stew. It was a dissappointment. There was hardly any chicken in it and it’s was very salty.

The bill was picked up by Ben’s boss.

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  1. Georgian

    Were you able to try any of the amazing chinese/korean/vietnamese/mexican food in Atlanta? It would be a shame if not! Atlanta is a very multicultural and international city. I hope that you will be able to visit Buford Highway and many of the other surrounding areas outside of fried chicken and chain restaurants!

  2. lollipop

    Hi Chowtimes,

    How do you add the “continue reading” right beside your text? I am a am beginner and just starting my blog. The “continue reading” link on my blog falls below the post but I would like it to be following the text, just like in your blog. Would be great if you could do a tutorial or something!

    1. Suanne

      Hi lollipop; Sorry for the late reply because I have to ask Ben on such technical question. Our blog is on wordpress. The “continue reading” is located in the index.php; i.e you need to know coding in php to do it.


  3. hungry in tsawwassen

    Is there anything they don’t fry in Atlanta?

    1. LotusRapper

      Shoe bottoms ?

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