Li’s China Grill on Kingsway, Vancouver

Li’s China Grill reminded me of the grilled fish that I had in Beijing.


There are two similar restaurants on this stretch of Kingsway which serve similar cuisine. We picked Li’s China Grill as it looks nicer from the outside.


I like the hardwood floor and the table lined with red table cloth.


We ordered 4 skewers of grilled lamb while waiting for our main dish. The lamb skewer was good; 99 cents each.


Our main dish of Sichuan Style Grill Fish took at least 30 minutes to arrive; even though the server told us it’s going to be a 20 minutes wait. I cannot recall what type of fish Ben picked. The fish was $13 per pound and the one we had was 2.7 pounds.

We opted for the Spicy Garlic Sauce which was not too spicy. The fish had a lightly crispy crust coated with spices. The sauce was slightly vinegarish which went well with steamed rice.


You can add stuff to the grill fish dish. We opted for the 3 items for $5.99. We had Chinese cabbage, lotus root and tofu skin. The Chinese cabbage was overcooked, i.e. too soft and they cut it too small. The lotus root was sliced too thin that we did not feel the crunch anymore. The tofu skin was actually bean curd stick. The bean curd stick was not presoak, so it was quite hard.


Li’s China Grill accepts debit card but the machine was not working when we were there.

Li's China Grill on UrbanspoonBusiness Hour

7 days a week
5:00PM to 1:00AM

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