London Day 2: Tower of London – Part 1

We took a cab from the Sheraton Skyline (which is in the Heathrow Airport vicinity) to the City Hotel (near Brick Lane). The cab ride cost 45 pounds. After checked in, we ventured out for our first full day adventure. The tube station near our hotel was closed for maintenance on that Saturday. So, we decided to walk to the Tower London since it’s within walking distance.


We bought the 6 Day London Pass for 92 pounds per person for this vacation. It is definitely worth its value compare to the entrances that we have to pay for popular attractions.

It was a very busy day. There were a lot of tourists visiting the Tower London. The tourists were waiting on the draw bridge at the entrance gate for the guided tour.


Ben snapped a few photos while waiting for the guided tour.


The map of Tower of London.


View of the Shard from the Tower of London.


The tourists crowding the beefeater. No way to squeeze to the front to listen to him.


Took a break from the stories by the beefeater to take a touristy photo.


Got away from the crowd to take a close up photo of the tower.


Ben took a shot of the high wall of the castle before the group of tourists moved in.


There’s the group behind me.


We decided to do the tour by ourselves as it’s hard to hear the beef eater with such a big group.


You can see the iron potcullis that guard the entrance from the photo above.

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  1. hungry in tsawwassen

    I shudder at the prices!


    A cab ride from SeaTac to Seattle downtown is about $50, so I guess it makes sense.

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