London Day 2: Tower of London – Part 2

Our first stop was the St. John’s Chapel in The White Tower.


St. John’s Chapel is the oldest church in London, built in the 11th century. The stone was brought in from France. We joined a guided tour of the chapel but not photography is allowed in the chapel.

From the guided tour, we learned that the Olympic medals were stored in The Tower of London for safe keeping before the game. We also learned that the royal toilet is called guardrobe because the king or queen will hang their robe at the door of the toilet before using the toilet.


The Tower was a royal residence. The Medieval Palace showcases rich colours and comfortable furnishings, including a replica of Edward 1’s bed.


A wider view of the royal household. The massive fireplaces kept this cold stone palace cozy.


A replica of the throne room.


A view from inside the tower.


A video display area where you can learn the history of the tower.


A view of the Traitor’s Gate where prisoners (many on the way to die) entered the Tower by boat here.


Glass stained window.


Lastly, a view of the Tower Bridge from The Tower of London.

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