London Day 3: Westminster Abbey

We intended to visit the Westminster Abbey on this day.


Westminster Abbey has been British Coronation church since the crowning of William the Conqueror in 1066. The above is the north entrance of Westminster Abbey.


It is also the burial and memorial place for many world famous historical figures from writers, musicians, scientists to rulers and politicians. The above is the western facade.


The Abbey was founded in AD960 as a Benedictine monastery. It is a self-funding church with no financial assistance from the State, the Crown or the Church of England.


Since the Sunday service was on going, we did not manage to tour the Abbey. However, we managed to get around to the Cloister Garth to have a sneak peak.


Memorials filled the walls of the covered walkway.


Captain James Cook memorial.


View from the corridor looking into the courtyard.


A memorial related to Malaysia.


More memorials.


A more elaborate memorial.


We will be back for the Westminster Abbey tour another day.

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  1. Jean

    I’ve been to the Abbey and because it’s a burial place, I found it kind of depressing/creepy. I normally like visiting interesting outdoor graveyard sites, etc. I knew a lot of figures buried there….since I did my degree in English lit. and literature covers also history of a country/culture.

    But being inside there with many monuments crammed together, it felt oppressive.

    I enjoyed the British Museum, etc. London offers an enormous amount to see and experience.

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