London Day 4: Indian Dinner in Brick Lane

We returned to Brick Lane near our hotel for dinner. Brick Lane is the little India in London. It is lined with Indian restaurants.


After exploring the lane. we picked one of the Indian restaurant for dinner. I can’t recall the restaurant name now.

Indian restaurants often serve papadam with chutney as appetizer. The difference between the restaurants here and those in Vancouver is the restaurants here served papadam with four dips/chutneys while in Vancouver, we mostly get two only.


We ordered two dishes to share. The above was Lamb Madras which is supposed to be medium spicy. It turned out quite spicy even to our standard.


Our second dish was Chicken Baldi with a tomatoĆ­sh sauce. It’s hard to take picture of curry as they all look similar. We had a few more Indian meals which we did not take photos anymore.


We had rice pilaf to with the curries.


We also ordered a naan to eat with the curries. The naan was fresh from the oven, fluffy and slightly cripsy charred at the edges.

The meal came to 27 pounds with tips.

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  1. Sunny

    Thanks for adding us to your blogroll! I enjoy Chow Times a lot, and it helps me kill a lot of time in the office!

  2. Victoria

    Hi Chowtimes, I just discovered your blog whilst researching ‘chicken floss’. I’m a food blogger in Singapore but I used to live in London and I read this post about Brick Lane with interest. I think you should make a visit to Singapore for some really amazing curries, the ones I had in London always disappointed but the Indian food in Singapore is fantastic! Enjoy your trip!

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