London Day 5: Royal Observatory – Part 2

After visiting the surrounding area of the Royal Observatory, we went inside to the exhibitions.


The entrance fees for both of us and one audio guide came up to 17.50 pounds. Ben had been here before, so he did not get the audio guide.


The Time and Longitude gallery in Flamsteed House displays various time keeping devices invented for sailors and navigators.


Harrison’s marine timekeeper number 4 (H4).


A giant clock.


The above is Bradley’s 8-foot brass mural quadrant in the Telescope Gallery. James Bradley was the 3rd Astronomer Royal who commissioned the above instrument.


Also in the Telescope Gallery, Edward Troughton’s 10-foot transit telescope was made in 1816 for the Royal Observatory.


One of the recent addition to the Royal Observatory is the zero degrees laser installation beaming light along Prime Meridian. The laser light runs true North for around 16 miles along the Prime Meridian.


The 28-inch refracting telescope at Royal Observatory is the largest in Britain and the 7th largest in the world.

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